Bangladesh Gold Price Today Update 2023

Bangladesh Gold Price Today

Dear visitors, those of you who want to know the price of gold per gram and the price per gram in today’s market have come to our website and done a very good job. This is because we will give you a detailed description of the price of each type of gold, which you will find very similar to the current market and you will be able to buy gold from the market at this price.

So if you read this post from the beginning to the end of our website, then you can find out the price of 18 carat 21 carat and 22 carat gold per gram from here. So let’s read this post from our website from beginning to end without going into details. Only then will we be able to achieve this idea.

We all know that the price of gold in Bangladesh is determined by Bangladesh Jewelers Association. The Bangladesh Jewelers Association sets the price in line with the international market and the financial situation of Bangladesh and the pricing process is carried out in the same process across the country. However, it may be more or less in the district and in this case it is not very less. So without discussing it in detail, we do not know how the price of gold in the current market can cost money in different cases.

Bangladesh Gold Price Today 2023

Gold Price Today Dhaka 2023

Gold Price Per Vori in Bangladesh Today 2023

1 Vori Gold = Gram

At present, if you go to buy 18 carat gold, the traditional method of buying gold will cost you four thousand three hundred and sixty five rupees per gram. And in the traditional way the price of gold is 50 thousand 913 rupees. And if you want to buy Hallmark 18 carat gold then you have to spend Tk 5250 per gram.

Moreover, if you are interested to know the price of 18 carat Hallmark individual gold per gram, then find out from here that the price of gold per gram will be 61 thousand 236 rupees. Below we will find out the price of other carat gold and discuss in detail how much it will cost to make gold jewelry per ounce.

If you go to buy 21 carat hallmarked gold then according to the current market price you will have to spend six thousand rupees per gram of gold. As such, your 21 carat hallmarked gold will cost around Tk 70,000 per gram. Moreover, if you want to buy 22 carat hall beaten gold, the price of gold per gram will be 6270 rupees. And according to that calculation, the price of 22 carat hallmarked gold will be 73,200 rupees.

If you buy gold in a fixed way, you can buy from the market and you can know the fixed price of the Bangladesh Jewelers Association with the international market. Moreover, to make gold ornaments per gram, your labor cost will be 250 rupees and about 3 thousand rupees per filling. However, 5% government VAT may be added to it. Thank you for reading this post from the beginning to the end of our website.

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