Airtel 12 Taka 3 GB, 2GB, 1GB Offer Code 2023

Airtel 12 Taka 3 GB Offer and Code 2020

Basically this offer is for those people who like to use internet in a very massive way.

If you are eligible for this offer you can take this at any time. This Airtel 12 Taka 3 GB   data plan is very much suitable for you.

Here I will present this Airtel 3 GB offer at 12 Taka. And I will enlist the method to get this interesting offer.

From this article you may learn…

  1. How do you get this Airtel Taka 3 GB offer?
  2. How do you buy this 3 GB internet offer?
  3. Dial code to buy this 3 GB internet offer?
  4. Duration of this 3 GB internet offer.

Airtel 12 Taka 3 GB Offer

This is not the first time that Airtel has given this type of opportunity to heavy users of internet. Airtel has always given many reasonable price internet. This Airtel 12 Taka offer is another significant and reasonable price internet that anyone can buy without any type of hesitation.

Airtel 3 GB at 12 Taka offer is a special offer for internet lover. Because of the low price of this offer anyone can buy. Airtel gives you the opportunity to take this offer very easily at only 13 Taka. If you are a heavy user of internet then this offer is perfect for you.

The service and network of Airtel is very excellent and strong. Internet become a very important part in our today’s life. Internet is not only useful for the student but also any kind of people. That’s why the use of internet is a regular matter in our life.

If you want to buy this offer, firstly you have to know that you are applicable for this offer or not.  Airtel send this 3GB offer SMS to the applicable recipients. Check your SMS box to ensure of this offer. If you got this SMS then you can buy this offer easily.

How to buy this 12 Taka 3GB offer?

If you are eligible for this offer then you can easily buy this offer.  This is an affordable luxury offer.  You can buy this 3GB internet offer only 12 taka. Procedure of buy this offer is very simple.

To get this offer you can recharge your account and also you can use code to buy this offer.

If you want to recharge your balance then you have to recharge 12 Taka for this offer. After recharging 12 Taka you will able to used 3GB internet. You will get a confirmation SMS and then this 3 GB internet will be added in your internet balance, charged only 12 taka.

Airtel 12 Taka 3GB offer code

If you have enough money in your account then you don’t have to recharge your account 12 taka to get this offer. Here you may also use code to get this crazy offer.

To get this Airtel 3GB offer you would have to dial *123*012#.  After a while your internet balance has been added automatically. For this you have been paid 12 Taka only.

Duration of this offer:

This special Airtel 3 GB 12 Taka offer will be end within 15 days.

How to check internet balance for this offer?

After take this internet offer, check your internet balance to ensure that internet balance has been added to your account.  To check internet balance for this offer you have to dial *3# or *8444*88#.

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