Gold Price Today Dhaka Bangladesh 2023

Gold Price Today Dhaka

Dear visitor, if you want to know the price of different categories of gold in today’s Dhaka market, find out from the information given below on our website. Here is a detailed discussion on the price of gold per gram and the price of gold per gram in the Dhaka market determined by Bangladesh Jewelers Association on our website today.

So by reading a post you will be able to know the price per gram of gold of different categories and the price per gram and how much it will cost to make gold ornaments per gram. You must watch this post from beginning to end. Also, if you want to sell old gold in Dhaka market, find out how much it will cost to sell it through this post. Hopefully this post is carrying a lot of important information for gold buyers and sellers.

Gold is a special ornament for women and the importance of the year is very high for Bangladeshi women. People use gold jewelry especially in wedding ceremonies and for giving various gifts. Moreover, gold is used as an ornament of women’s ornaments and people from all walks of life in Bangladesh love to use gold.

So many people are interested to know if the price of gold has come down and let them make gold jewelry depending on the current price of gold in the market. So let’s take a look at this post on our website to know how much is the gold market today.

Bangladesh Gold Price Today 2023

Gold Price Today Dhaka 2023

Gold Price Per Vori in Bangladesh Today 2023

1 Vori Gold = Gram

If you go to buy 22 carat hallmarked gold, the price of gold per gram will be 6270 rupees. And according to that calculation, if you are interested in buying a load of 22 carat gold, then you have to spend 73133 rupees. Moreover, those of you who think that it is baseless should know that Bangladesh Jewelers Association sets the price of different categories of gold including 22 carat in keeping with the international market.

Are you interested in buying 21 carat Hallmarked Gold? Then find out the price per gram of 21 carat gold through this question that the price of 21 carat gold per gram has been fixed at six thousand rupees. According to that calculation, if you want to know the price of one ounce of 21 carat gold, then I would like to inform you that the price of this gold will be 69 thousand 900 rupees.

Here we want to say first the price of 18 carat hallmarked gold. 18 carat hallmarked gold weighs 61,300 rupees. Sir if you want to buy 18 carat gold in the traditional way then your cost will be 50 thousand 900 rupees. And those of you who sell old gold will set the price by deducting 20% ​​of the total weight of the old gold. Then you will sell that gold at the new price by deducting that gold i.e. 20%.

Moreover, those of you who want to know the rate of wages for each ounce of gold should know that it can cost you around Tk 3,000 to Tk 3,200 per ounce of gold, including VAT.

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