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Robi 11 tk 1GB Code 2022 1GB Internet Offer at 11 Taka Activation Code

In this year Robi has released a wonderful offer 1 GB at 11 Taka internet offer for the users. As an internet user we always search for something friendly and affordable offer to meet our necessity. Robi always works for the satisfaction of its customers.

Often we search 1GB at 11 Taka this kind of purchasable offer. This offer is so reasonable that is why anyone can buy it very easily.

Read this article and hope you will get all your query about 1GB at 11 Taka internet offer.

Here I will discuss about

  1. How to buy this 1 GB at 11 Taka internet offer?
  2. What is the activation code of this offer?
  3. How to check internet balance?
  4. Validity of internet usage.
  5. Terms and Condition.
  6. Are you eligible for this offer or not?
  7. Benefits of this offer.

Robi 1GB at 11 taka offer

Robi has brought this 1GB at 11 Taka internet offer to fulfill the requirement of customers. This is an easy load recharge offer. If you want to purchase this package don’t worry!

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It is very simple. You have to just recharge in main account 11 taka to receive this 1GB internet.  Robi will confirm you by a SMS that you can now enjoy this internet offer. After that you can browse Internet very easily.

Here  I will also write  about Robi’s other offer like Robi 1GB internet at 6 Taka, Robi 1GB internet at 19 Taka,12 Taka, 25 Taka this kind of offer.

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Hope you enjoy this offer and buy this offer to make your life happy.

This writing is about Robi 1GB internet offer at 11 taka. There is some terms and conditions to take the offer. I will also talk about this terms and condition in the latter word of my writing.

How to know your eligible for this offer or not?

For this Robi will send you a confirmation SMS that you were eligible for this internet offer or not! 

If you get this SMS then you can take this internet offer if you don’t receive any SMS then you are not eligible for this offer. Only because of this SMS you will be eligible for this offer.

You can also check your number that you are eligible for this offer or not! To check your number you have to send SMS to 9999.

Robi 1GB at 11 Taka offer code

You can also buy this 1GB internet offer by dialing a simple code.

Sometimes it is not possible to recharge your account 11 taka. In the time you can also buy this offer, if you have enough money in your account then you can buy this offer very easily.

To get this offer you have to dial this code *21291*9#.

Validity: This 1GB at 11 taka offer pack has 5 days using duration.

How to check your internet balance?

Internet balance check code is *3#.

You can easily check your balance by this code and able to the current result.

Terms and Conditions

There is some terms and condition to take this offer. You have to follow this to get this offer.

Only prepaid users can enjoy this 1 GB at 11 Taka internet offer.

You will only allowed to take this 1 GB at 11 taka internet offer when you get a SMS from Robi that you are eligible for this offer. Hope you will get this SMS.


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