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Banglalink 1GB 9Tk Offer Code 2022 Amar Offer

Banglalink is offering 1 GB internet for 9 taka. It can be purchased by any customer by checking from Banglalink’s website.

In today’s article we will discuss how to check if your number is included in this offer or how to activate the package. So let’s not exaggerate, let’s start the main discussion.

At present Banglalink is campaigning very strongly for 1 GB offer at 9 Taka. Regularly advertising on TV and in newspapers. Banglalink’s advertisements on the internet are also easily seen.

We learned about this offer from an advertisement. A few days ago, Banglalink used to inform the customer about this offer through a text message.

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Banglalink 1GB 9tk Offer

This package can be easily activated from Banglalink’s website. For this, first you have to go to Google and search for my offer banglalink. Then you have to click on the first link from the search result page.

After opening the Banglalink website, you have to check whether you are covered by the offer. For this you have to enter your banglalink number and click on submit button.

A message will appear on the website if you are covered by the offer. Then you have to click on the activate button. If you have enough money in your balance, the package will be launched automatically. A

And if you do not have enough balance, you have to recharge. Let me inform you that you can recharge online from Banglalink website.

Banglalink 9tk 1GB Code

Operators send SMS to the customer at different times

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