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If you are a government employee and have just joined the job then you need to keep up to date on all the salary related information and today we will discuss how to fill all the information related to this salary on the website. From your salary increment to the personal account you have, all the information related to the salary of the government job is being updated and you can see from there whether every information is being updated for promotion.


Moreover, if you move from one place to another, there will be an update of information on your website and in that case, the amount of benefits you will get will be mentioned there. So every person has to have ibas account for government service and in this account you will get all the information related to your salary and other information updated all the time.

So those of you who want to login by accessing ibas website will know the rules of logging in from our website and those who do not know how to login and there is no account open they will know how to open an account if they want.

Pay Fixation মোবাইল দিয়ে Increment এর কপি বের করুন ২ মিনিটে

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Ibas++ login Link


The Ibas website is primarily for government employees and may not be used for employees in autonomous organizations or banks. So if you want to open a new account on iBass or have already opened an account, then learn the process of logging in from here. There are many people who do not know how to login to a website and how to get information updates, so we have shared a link to our website for their purpose. In this case you can copy the link https://ibas.finance.gov.bd/ and paste it from any browser.


So when you login by entering this website, you first have to select the option to login using the old code and the option to login using the new code. Select the option of your choice and where you can work by logging in and select that option because the year is mentioned there and it is related to your appointment. Now you can see all your information by logging in by filling in the user ID and password and captcha.

You will also be able to see how much your salary has increased according to your increment in the new year and how much of that salary and other information update. And if you do not have an account there, then you must click on the Register Now option given below. Then go and provide your National Identity Card number and an OTP SMS has been sent to that mobile number when you have used the mobile number before. If you provide that OTP number there, your mobile phone number will be updated and you will do other work on the next page.

Now you need to use a user ID that no one has ever used on this website before. This user ID must be used in such a way that it accepts the website. Then will you fill the captcha properly in your own room? After placing the captcha, a password will be sent to your phone before you go to the next page and with this password you will fill in the box in the website.

Now you will be asked for a new password and in this case you set the password a little bigger. You will need to confirm the password again and in this way, once you have entered the password correctly, you will be able to complete a task to login there and later you will be able to login with your user ID and password.

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