Pay Fixation মোবাইল দিয়ে Increment এর কপি বের করুন ২ মিনিটে

Pay Fixation মোবাইল দিয়ে Increment এর কপি বের করুন ২ মিনিটে

For those of you who are in government service, when the increment can be taken out with pay fixation mobile and in this case you have to provide the necessary information. In particular, you need to select all the verification codes that are sent to your phone and if you want to know the rate at which your salary increment has increased in the new year and how much you have increased using Pay fixation, you can enter the website and print it out.

So today, by entering the official website of Pay Fixation on our website, how much money a government employee will get according to his salary grade in the new year i.e. from 1st of July and what steps to follow in receiving this salary will be discussed on our website today.

For those of you who do not know the official website of Pay Fixation, if you search by typing Pay Fixation, that website will be the first to appear or Paste it and enter the website. Basically, those who are in government service will be able to do this job and after entering the website, they will read all the information that will be displayed in front of you only once.

Pay Fixation মোবাইল দিয়ে Increment এর কপি বের করুন ২ মিনিটে

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This is because this website updates the salaries of all grades of government employees and updates the salaries as well as more detailed information including transfers and promotions.

Pay Fixation Method by Internet via Mobile Phone & Laptop Computer

However, you can read the first page well and go down and select the next option. You will read all the information that will be given on the next page and go down and I have understood that I have read and printed the option. Select the option and give it with yes option. Now you have to go to the next page and select the increment option to see the increment.

Before that, you will select the category in which you work in the government service and in this case, if it is in the civil sector or under different departments, then select that department. After completing all these tasks, you have to go to the next page and in order to do all those tasks, you have to give the number of your national identity card first.

No matter how digital your National Identity Card number is, you must first fill in the blanks by completing 17 digits specifying your year of birth. Moreover, the last code of all the verification codes that were sent to you earlier should be entered in the next cell.

Now you can see a vague captcha below and understand this captcha properly, put it right and go to the next page. When you go to the next page, you will get an SMS on your mobile phone and you will be sent a verification code via SMS.

As a government employee, you must use a specified mobile number and enter the verification code from the SMS to the mobile number that you used and the mobile number whose information is recorded on the website. Now to go to the next page, you have to select the date option from the top.

This means that for the last increment of the last year that you are going to get an idea about the 1st of July and the current year by selecting and clicking on the go option below your salary page will be updated. There you will find other information including your name and pay scale and pay scale by going down. You can save it as a PDF file on your mobile phone or print it out with a printer.

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