GP Minute Balance Check Code 2023 (How to Check Grameenphone Minutes Bundle Balance)

Grameenphone minute balance check code is the topic today’s article. In this article we will provide you the the USSD code of gp Minute balance check.

Grameenphone has many minute bundles. Customers usually activate these packages to talk at a lower rate. If I talk with main balance tomorrow, a lot of money is charged.

On the other hand, if you buy a minute bundle, the call rate is low. That’s why consumers prefer minute bundles to save some money. When you buy Grameenphone’s daughter Minute Bundle, you will naturally want to check how many minutes are left.

Because expiration needs to be checked with unused minutes. Also, you don’t really understand how many minutes you have and how many days you have to spend.

How to Activate GP Minute Package

Grameenphone has several minute packages. You can activate these packages in different ways. We can usually activate our minute package in 4 ways.

The easiest and most popular way is to activate the minute bundle via Flexiload. The second position is to purchase the minute package through the flagship plan service. Then there is the My GP app.

Using this application you will be able to activate Grameenphone’s minute package very easily and quickly. And last but not least, the USSD code service.

You can turn on Grameenphone’s minute talktime just by dialing the code of the specified package.

So, the methods of activating grameenphone Minute talktime package are as follows.

  1. Flexiload
  2. Flexiplan
  3. My GP App
  4. USSD Code

We hope you have understand the process of activating GP minute bundle.

How to Check GP Minute Balance

Just as there are many ways to activate GP Minute Bundle, there are many ways to know the duration and measurement of unused minutes.

Here we will discuss in detail about all the ways. First of all, if you are an Android subscriber, you can know your minutes and internet validity through My GP app.

You can also find out about your balance by visiting Grameenphone’s website and registering with your phone number.

And the easiest way is to verify the validity of minutes and internet by dialing USSD code. We will discuss the USSD code here.

Now we are going to discuss about USSD code for checking remaining minute balance of GP minute package.

GP Minute Balance Check Code

*121*1*2# is the only code of checking GP minute balance.

But you can also look for other GP minute package bundle balance.

  1. GP 300 Minute Offer Balance Check Code
  2. GP 330 Minute Offer Balance Check Code
  3. GP 100 Minute Offer Balance Check Code
  4. GP 500 Minute Offer Balance Check Code
  5. GP 6 Minute Offer Balance Check Code

We hope our article helps you finding important information about GP minute balance check code. Thank you very much for reading this article.

Many minute offers are available on GP SIM. They have a specific code to check the balance. Do you want to check your remaining minute balance in GP? Then this article is going to provide you accurate information of checking GP Minute balance.

GP Minute Pack

GP is offering a wide range of Minutes package for ifs customer. Minute bundle works when you talk too much using your mobile. Because it will help you saving credit.

For example if you want to talk for 10 minute then your call cost will be more than 20 taka. But you can save your cost by purchasing minute package. Because there is discount on minute bundle.

Minute bundle can be bought from USSD menu. You can simply activate your minute package from flexiplan. And there is system of getting this minute bundle activated from Flexiload recharge.

How to Check GP Minute Balance

Minutes balance can be checked through various method and system. We are going to discuss the process of Minutes balance checking system of GP.

Via USSD Code:

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