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Airtel Bundle Offer 2020

Airtel always brings all the excellent offers for its customers. They consistently bring in the most offers in the New Year compared to the previous year. You need to read our article very well to know about these offers. I will discuss here about Airtel bundle offer. Airtel bundle offers include internet, SMS and minute offers. 

Airtel Bundle Offer 2023

Usually Airtel offers different types of bundles. Airtel’s bundle offer is the best among telecom service operators. These bundle offers are maximum combo packs. Combo packs are the most affordable of the bundle offers. To take the offers you need to read our article in detail and you have to remember all the things.

All the bundle offers of Airtel will be discussed here. After reading all the discussions you can take any bundle offer of your choice. Internet bundle offer, minute bundle offer and SMS bundle offer will be discussed here.  Hopefully after reading all the articles you will find your desired bundle offer. All bundle offers are given below:           

24 Minutes Airtel bundle offer

Within 15 Tk. it will be best offer for the customer. Recharge 14 Tk. for launch this bundle offer. Or you need to press *121*014# to get offer with 16 Hours validity.

50 Minutes+1.5GB & 50 SMS Airtel bundle offer

Only recharging 98 Tk. you get this outstanding bundle. Also dial *123*098# can take this offer for 7 days

30 Minutes+ 500 MB & 30 SMS Airtel bundle offer

With 72 hours validity this offer is so useful for customer. From Airtel apps or From Airtel official you can also buy this bundle. This exciting bundle price only 34 BDT.

38 Minutes Airtel bundle offer

Recharge 23 Taka to activate this bundle. You can use this bundle on net and off net.       

30 Minutes Airtel bundle offer     

Dial *121*18# to launch 30 minute offer for 24 hours. Or recharge given amount 18 BDT.

46 Minutes Airtel bundle offer

Absolute 28 Taka for 46 minute bundle offer. To take bundle dial *121*28# or give 28 Taka to your sim.

92 Minutes Airtel bundle offer   

From official website of Airtel you can purchase 92 minute bundle for 53 Taka. Use this pack for 7 days.

160 Minutes Airtel bundle offer           

Recharge just 93 Taka and this bundle activate automatically. You can enjoy this offer any network for 7 days.

200 Minutes Airtel bundle offer  

Dial *121*115# USSD code to purchase. Minute’s duration is 10 days. Minute price only 115 Taka with inclusive VAT, SD and SC.    

205 Minute Airtel bundle offer

205 minutes bundle offer only for 118 BDT. You can enjoy this offer for 10 days. To acquire this pack dial *121*0118#

125 Minutes Airtel bundle offer

This great offer for 7 days you can dial *121*074# or also you need to recharge definite 74 BDT.  

77 Minutes Airtel bundle offer   

By recharging 46 Taka you can get this comfortable 77 minutes offer. Please dial USSD code *123*46# and enjoy this exciting offer for 7 days.

1000 Min+ 5GB Airtel bundle offer      

This combo pack is only for combo lover with 777 Taka for 30 days validity. This internet is use for all browser and minutes for any operator. 

865 Minutes + 3GB Airtel bundle offer

It is a perfect offer within 500 BDT. You can get this super offer for 499 Taka with 1.5 month long validity. Activated USSD code is *123*499#.  

240 Minutes + 1GB Airtel bundle offer

This perfect offer only for monthly user which are find within 200 BDT. Have to recharge 179 Taka to launch this super combo. This minute duration is 30 days.

480 Minute + 1GB Airtel bundle offer

Amount                     : 278Tk         

Acquire Code           :*121*278#

Minute duration     : 30 days

605 Minute + 1GB + 500 SMS Airtel bundle offer

Amount                     : 349Tk         

Acquire Code           : *121*349#

Minute duration     : 30 days

Note: You can get all this bundle offer by using Airtel apps and Airtel official website.

Enjoy your time.


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