BD Gold Price Today 2023

BD Gold Price Today

The price of gold in Bangladesh is constantly increasing. Once again the price of gold has been determined. Those of you who have been waiting for a long time for the price of gold. For them, you can find out the current price of hearing from our article today. Today we are going to discuss the price of gold in front of you. Many people want to know the current price of gold. But don’t know the price of gold or there are many websites which give wrong price. You cannot buy gold from any shop knowing these prices.

And so I tell you if you want to know the exact price of gold then buy gold with information from our article. But you can buy real gold. We are constantly presenting new information to you. We are constantly updating gold prices. We present the price set by the Bangladesh Jewelery Association to you through our article. Many have bought gold with the information from our article and they have been successful. Many have contacted us. Those who stated that they bought gold by gathering information from our article were not misinformed.

They have profited by buying gold. There are many gold trading companies in our country. Businesses that buy and sell gold. All those business organizations constantly want to know the price of gold. We say to all of them that the price we are fixing today in our article is ongoing. You can buy gold from any gold shop by knowing the price of gold at any time.

Today gold price BD

All the information that is being attached in today’s article. All that information has been collected directly from Bangladesh Jewelery Association. You know that in our country, the price of gold is determined by an organization called Bangladesh Jewelery Association. The institution from which the price of gold in all regions of the country is determined.

This organization controls the price of gold in every region of our country. When and how much gold will be sold, when and how much money is being sold in the world market. Considering that, the price of gold in our country is determined. All of you who buy and sell gold buy and sell gold at the price decided by the Bangladesh Jewelery Association. Today we have presented the information in front of you. All that information has been collected directly from the website of Bangladesh Jewelery Association.

Today’s Gold Price:
● 10 grams of 22 carat gold price 45 thousand 710 taka 24 carat gold price 49 thousand 868 taka
● Eight gram 22 carat gold price 36 thousand 568 taka 24 carat gold price 39 thousand 894 taka
● Four grams of 22 carat gold price is 18284 taka 24 carat gold price is 19947 taka
● 2 gram 22 carat gold price 9142 taka 24 karat gold price 9973 taka

All the prices attached above are current market prices. All these prices have been seen directly from the website of Bangladesh Jewelery Association. The prices mentioned therein are appended hereto likewise. And so I want to say to all that whenever you want to buy gold. Then you must know these prices. Because if you don’t buy gold at the right price then you can get cheated.

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