Mango F6 Price in Bangladesh 2023

Mango F6 is one of the most popular feature phone in Bangladesh. Mango is very old band in mobile phone history in Bangladesh. A few months ago it becomes the top-selling small phone.

Are you interested to learn about the price in Bangladesh of mango f6? Then read this article to learn about it. In this article we will show you the latest market price of mango F6 button phone.

Mango F6 Specifications

This mobile has loud sound. 2000mah battery makes this very eligible to buy. It has flashlight Bluetooth and camera. You can enjoy FM radio with headphone provided with it.

Moreover there is MP3 and MP4 players. The sound quality is very beautiful. You can enjoy nice songs and DJ music using this mobile phone.

Screen size of this device is 3.5 inch. The camera resolution is very high. You can show it high quality image using your front and back camera.

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Mango F6 Price in Bangladesh

The mobile phone is available in the market. Daraz and other E-Commerce websites are selling this mobile phone in huge number. Now it is out of stock in daraz mall.

All that platform customers are giving 4.5 star rating because of very fast delivery. On the other hand the service of the device is awesome.

Previously this device is selling at 1000 taka. But a discount offer is going on in Daraz. You can purchase this mobile device from that e-commerce website at very low price.

Where to Get Mango F6

You can collect the mobile device from various sources. It is available in in small and big mobile shop in every area of Bangladesh. On the other hand you can purchase this feature phone from e commerce websites like Daraz, e valley.

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