RU Email Address Account Creation (System for Rajshahi University Email ID) How to Apply

On Sunday, September 1, 2020 Rajshahi University has declared that they are going to provide email id to student along with teachers. After this student can create email address from Rajshahi University website.

Want to get an Email Account from Rajshahi University? Then you are on the right place. Because in this article we are going to show you the appropriate method of creating email address from Rajshahi University.

Use of RU Email ID

Without an email address you cannot sign up for account from any website. And educational email address is a service that enable you of applying international research. So if you want to apply for any e education in foreign educational institution then you must have an email address from your present University.

For many years students of the university am facing great problem as they don’t have no official email address necessary for international education. So the University of it has decided to help the student with this regard.

And they have come to announce that they have finally managed to create opportunity for students.

Here is a complete list of task you can do with this email address.

  1. Foreign Education
  2. International Research
  3. Creating Portfolio for Oxford University
  4. Overseas Admission
  5. Study Abroad like England, Australia, United States

How RU Email Service Work

Rajshahi University email service is based on G suite or Google Suite. They used Google cloud for managing the email service. So this e-mail address is 100% secured.

And you can get many advantages after having this email ID. Let’s learn some important information about this email service.

Service Name: Email – Electronic Mail

Provided by: Rajshahi University

Email Extension: [email protected]

Powered by: G Suite

Function Used: Google Cloud

Terms and Conditions

If you wish to have an email address from Russia University then you must follow some terms and conditions. Now we are going to discuss them elaborately so that you can easily understand

  1. You can have only single Email ID.
  2. Can be used up to six months after your education at Rajshahi University.
  3. It can be extended longer for Scholarship or other International activities like Research.
  4. You have to apply online for having one Account.
  5. It may take 72 hours for approving your account.

How to Create RU Email Address

Account creation to Rajshahi University email service is very easy. Anyone can apply online for this email ID. Now you are going to instruct you the entire process.

You have to input some basic information from your Rajshahi University.

Here is the application form. You need to input your information accurately.


First Name:

Last Name:

Roll Number:

Registration Number:


Academic Session:

Contact Number:

Alternative Email Address:

Final Words

We hope our article helps you finding out important information regarding Rajshahi University email address. Thank you very much for reading our article. If you have any question then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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