GP MB Transfer System – Kivabe GP MB Transfer Korben

How to Transfer/Gift Internet Package from My Gp App

Many of you are asking us about how to transfer mb from one gp sim to another. For that reason we are going to talk about gp mb transfer system in this article.

Are you looking for information regarding gp mb transfer system? Then you are requested to read this article.

Because in this article will will show you the method for gp Internet transfer. So let’s get started.

GP to GP MB Transfer Code 2020

How to transfer MB to GP to GP. Do you know that? If you don’t know, then you are requested to learn that. I will show you proper guideline for doing GP to GP MB transfer.

At first you need to know the GP to GP MB transfer code of 2020. Then you have to follow the instruction we provide below.

GP MB Transfer System

Do you know that Grameenphone is started a new system for transferring mb? Yes, you are not dreaming. Because from now on, any gp customer can gift Internet package to any gp sim.

But majority of grameenphone customer don’t know how to give internet package to another gp sim. So we decided that we will help GP customers finding out the methods. So let’s get started.

At first you have to understand that you can only gift mb to your another sim only using my GP app. You can download my GP app from Google Play store from this link.

Then you have to open my gp app and navigate to flexiplan. On that menu, you have to create a package at your sweet will. After that you have to input your desired GP number and click on Gift button.

And then a 4 digit pin will arrive in your inbox. You need to input the code correctly in your confirmation box. And finally the bundle will be gifted.

There are some exciting Internet package for gifting to other sim card. You can give internet package to your friends, family and relatives.

There are two methods for transferring Internet package. We will describe here those two methods elaborately.

How to Transfer/Gift Internet Package from My Gp App

Want to transfer internet package from My GP App? Then you are going to learn the method from here.

At first you have to know what is My Gp App. My Gp is such an app that will give you some excellent features. This is an useful application to manage your Bundle, Offer & Packages.

How to Transfer/Gift Internet Package from My Gp App

Now, we will show you proper guidelines for gifting Internet package. At first you have visit the app. On the app, you will find Flexiplan option. Click on it.

A new screen will apear. Select data volume & validity period. Then click on Buy now button.

After that you need to mark Gift option. And finally click on Proceed Button. Your Internet package will be gifted successfully.

How to Transfer/Gift Internet Package from Flexiplan

Many of you have requested us to teach them about transferring method of internet packages from Flexiplan app. Upon their requesting we are going to elaborately discuss the entire process here.

You can use Flexiplan system both using app and Online. Flexiplan app is awesome with it’s excellent features. Therefore, there is option of gifting package to another gp sim.


How to Transfer/Gift Internet Package from Flexiplan

In order to do that, you need to visit Flexiplan. On that app you will find option for selecting data volume amount. Then you have to input desired number. And finally click on Submit Button. That’s it.

GP Internet Transfer System

Internet transfer system of grameenphone is very easy. But many of you don’t know how to do that. I am going to teach them the interprocess on how they can easily transfer GP internet.

We hope that you have already read this article collected many information regarding gp MB transfer. You have to follow those tips to do GP internet transfer.

GP to GP MB Transfer Kivabe Korbo

Anekei janen na je Kivabe GP MB transfer korte hoi. For helping them out, we are going to show you the exact way on how you can do “GP Internet kivabe transfer korben.”

“kivabe gp to gp mb transfer korbo” is a very common question. Because many of you don’t know this. So we think it is our responsibility to teach you the process.

At first you have to read this section of “kivabe gp to gp mb transfer korbo.” Then you have to try it yourself. By trying this you will be successful.

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