GP Free Facebook Offer 2023 (Code of Messenger & Lite)

GP Free Facebook Offer 2022 (Code of Messenger & Lite)

Grameenphone has free Facebook service for both Facebook app and messenger. GP launched this Service in 2014 at first. And the age of this service is 6 years now.

Are you looking for GP free Facebook offer? Then read this article in order to learn how to browse free Facebook and messenger lite by using GP SIM in 2023. By reading this article you will get the dialling code of free Facebook package of Grameenphone.

GP Free Facebook Offer

It was early 2014, one of my friend informs me that gp has declared GP users can browse free Facebook and Facebook Messenger without seeing photos. That news makes me very happy. Because it was very costly during that time of purchasing internet package and browse Facebook.

That time few numbers of people browse Facebook from their mobile device. And Facebook was not so popular like this time. It is not a matter of loss for Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission(BTRC). We can consider this opportunity as a free offer to entice common people of browsing Facebook. So that they can letter purchases internet package and government will get huge amount of vat.

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Recently a declaration comes from Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission that no operator can have free Facebook and messenger offer to its customer. According to that order grameenphone has already stopped free Facebook offer at 12 a.m. on 18th of July 2023.

How to Use Free Facebook & Messenger in GP

It was very easy of browsing free Facebook and messenger from using grameenphone connection. Users only need to open Internet browser in order to visit free Facebook. And they can easily login to

Facebook Messenger app was also free. Those people who has installed Messenger app on their Android device can chat using the app without watching pictures and videos. And if they wished to watched picture & video then they need to purchase data package.

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Facebook lite app was also free for GP users. It was very easy of browsing Facebook through Facebook lite application.

Till now we don’t have any Official information regarding GP free internet and Facebook messenger offer. Please stay with us in order to get appropriate information about how to browse free Facebook and messenger.

Now we are going to discuss about free Facebook code.

GP Free Facebook Code 2023

In this section of this article we are going to share important code for browsing free Facebook by using GP Sim. Previously you can activate free Facebook offer by Dialing*121#.

GP Free Facebook New System

New system has been introduced for using free Facebook when grameenphone has stopped continuing this service. By using this system anyone can easily use Facebook and Messenger without paying any charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section we are going to answer some frequently asked questions about GP free Facebook offer.

Question: Kivabe GP Sim e Free Facebook 2023?

Answer: Currently you can’t use free Facebook in GP sim. You have to wait for further updates from grameenphone in order to use free Facebook and messenger.

Question: Is grameenphone stopped free Facebook Offer?

Answer: Yes, grameenphone has stopped providing free Facebook and messenger offer on July 18, 2023.

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