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GP 1 GB Internet 14 Taka Offer 2020

Today’s morning grameenphone has sent internet offer SMS in my mobile phone. According to the SMS GP is giving away one gigabyte internet on Taka 14. You can avail the offer 5 times. The validity period of the internet bundle is 7 days. Do you know how to take the GP 1 GB internet 14 Taka offer 2020? If you don’t know, then you can read this article. Because by reading this article you will learn how to take GP 1GB internet offer at taka 14.

How to Take the Offer

You can take the internet offer by dialling a simple code. The code is *121*5030#. Do you know how to dial the number? Many of you don’t know how to take internet offer by dialling a code.

For them we are going to teach you how you can easily dial the code. So let’s get started.

At first take your mobile phone.

Then unlock it if it has locked.

After that you have to dial *121*5030#.

And finally you have to call this number.

You have to keep in mind that charge 14 Taka applicable.

Terms and Condition of This Offer

There are some terms and condition for this offer. Let’s take a look at that.

  1. You can only avail this offer maximum 5 times.
  2. Charge taka 14 applicable for each bundle.
  3. You can only avail this offer if you receive sms from GP offer.
  4. Other terms and condition applicable for using internet.
  5. Fair uses policy is not applicable after consumption of the limited data.

GP 1GB Internet 14 Taka Code

You have to dial exact code for buying this bundle. You can avail this offer from recharge taka 14. You should recharge card or Flexiload to recharge the amount. And then dial the code we show you below.

And the code is *121*5030#

GP 1GB internet 14 Taka code is *121*5030#

GP 1GB14TK Offer

GP is sending SMS from this number. You can check it in your message inbox. GP stand for Grameenphone. And 1GB equal to 1024 megabyte. So don’t late. Just Dial the code and enjoy the internet offer.

GP 1GB Internet 14 Taka Kivabe Nibo

Many of you don’t know how to get GP 1GB internet 14 Taka kivabe nibo. That’s why we are going to teach you the method.

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