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You will be directed to a website mentioned above. All people who are born inside need to produce a birth registration certificate. So birth registration certificate is very important identity document for a child born inside Bangladesh. Many may have heard that these works are being done by adopting the digital method of birth registration certificate.

So when you want to do any work related to birth registration certificate then above mentioned website will help you in this regard. That is, this website managed by the local government department always provides you services related to birth registration and death certificate. So from this website you can get an idea from the brief discussion of birth registration certificate and death registration certificate.


If you are born in Bangladesh then you must produce it as per parents birth registration certificate. There is no charge for producing the birth registration certificate of a newly born child. If you want to generate birth registration certificate then go to application option for new registration on above mentioned website. In this case the birth registration certificate of the parents and all other information must be provided. Moreover, the child who is born in this country has to upload his parents’ land deeds and other documents on the website as proof.

Many times there are mistakes in the birth registration certificate and there are options to correct those mistakes. When you want to amend the birth registration certificate there is an option called Amend Information. In case of rectification of information, you have to apply step by step by providing each information and upload appropriate documents on the website as proof.


This website will provide you information about the current status of the application for birth registration certificate. If you search the information by ID number and date of birth of the application form, you can view that information from here. Moreover, this website provides you the opportunity to search for birth registration information through which you can easily find it online with birth registration certificate number and date of birth.

This website will explain you very easily about all the steps from application fee verification to birth registration certificate application. There will be no trouble while inputting the information as every information is always written in Bengali on the website. Whether you are applying for new birth registration or applying for correction of information, this website will always provide you with various information and help. So you can check any work related to your birth registration from here. If you have any problem related to birth registration light then you must comment in comment box and we will reply you.


If a person dies then his death registration certificate plays a very important role. Through the certificate, a person can easily get the bank balance or benefits that his family is entitled to in the deceased’s name. Moreover, the information of the person who died in Bangladesh should be recorded through the death registration certificate and the online copy should be collected for any need.

So you can do any kind of work related to birth registration certificate or death registration certificate through online from above mentioned website. Online Basis You can do these tasks at home only if you submit them to the local government department and they will follow the next steps.

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