Airtel 229 TK Recharge Offer 2023

Airtel 229 TK Recharge Offer

Do you want to know the Airtel 229 Taka Recharge Offer? Are you willing to accept this offer? If so, find out how to accept Airtel 229 Taka Recharge offer from our website today. Today through this post you will be able to know in detail about Airtel 229 Taka Recharge Offer and by dialing any code you will be able to buy this offer and who can buy this offer is written in detail. So you will read the post carefully from the beginning to the end and learn how to buy two GB internet for a period of 30 days at 229 taka.

Airtel SIM Company has launched an internet package for a period of one month for the convenience of the customers. An internet package can be purchased by a customer for Rs. Both new and old Airtel SIM users can avail this offer. So you need to know how to buy this offer of Rs 229 for Airtel SIM. This is a great offer for those who don’t like internet offer and don’t spend too much internet.

Airtel Recharge Offer 2023

You can get 2 GB internet for only 229 taka for 30 days. In this way, you will not be harmed by buying an internet package in an unnecessarily short period of time. So you can go to the bottom of our website to know the details about Airtel internet offer and if you need to buy other Airtel internet packages you can buy it.

The Rs 229 internet package allows you to do any browsing. It is often seen that if you buy a specific megabyte package, you can use it only in that case. However, you can use the 229 Airtel Internet Package for internet surfing in a fast way. Moreover, you can use this internet package for both 2G, 3G and 4G. Moreover, the validity of the internet package is 30 days, you can safely use Airtel Internet throughout the month.

So those who are so interested in this package and have already used it, they can go to the bottom of our website to know more details of Airtel 229 Taka Recharge Offer. Moreover, those who go to buy this internet package and want to buy other packages, dial * 123 * 229 #. If you have purchased Airtel’s internet package, you can check your balance by dialing * 3 #.

Airtel 329 tk Recharge Offer

There is one more great offer for you in Airtel SIM. With this offer you can get 30 GB internet package by recharging Tk 329 on Airtel SIM. Those who need more internet package can accept this package. This package will be valid for 30 days and you will be able to use great internet for one month. Moreover, those who are going to receive this package through dial, dial * 212 * 329 #.

Airtel 149 tk Recharge Offer

For those who are going to buy the comb packages in Airtel SIM, there is a great package at 149 rupees. With this package you can get 1 GB internet 250 minutes and 250 SMS by recharging 149 taka at such a low price. You can purchase this offer by dialing * 123 * 149 #. You can use 1gb internet under this offer for any social work. Moreover minutes and SMS you can use on any operator.

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