What is My Bkash Account Number 2023

What is My Bkash Account Number

In the case of financial transactions, bKash is a popular transaction and at present people can easily make financial transactions in any part of the country using bKash. So now the number of bKash account users is increasing day by day and the human transaction system has become very easy. Through development you will be able to make money transactions inside the country as well as outside the country and in this case there are different types of facilities. Instead of waiting in line for hours to pay a single bill, you can pay the bill through bKash at home.

The bKash account has added new features to their system for buying tickets for different types of vehicles while sitting at my house. As the number of users of this development account is increasing due to its various facilities, many people are opening new accounts and becoming enthusiastic about using it. However, many people forget their bKash account number because they do not use it for a long time after opening bKash account for a long time and in this case you become curious to know what is the bKash number of your mobile.

In fact, every mobile number has an account number and in this case we do not have to remember any account number separately to take this special action. So in this case I will tell you a simple process through which you can know your bKash account number. You will first go to the dial option of your mobile. Then go there and dial * 246 #.

After dialing, if you realize that you have an interface in front of you and there are many options in that interface, then you need to understand that your account is a bKash account. And if there is no interface and you are instructed to download the bKash apps from the Play Store and open a completely free account there to open a bKash account, then you will understand that you do not have a bKash account in this mobile number and in this case you can You can open a completely free bKash account by taking pictures of National Identity Card and displaying other documents.

To open this bKash account you can watch different types of youtube youtube videos or you can do it completely at your own risk. However, if after dialing the number mentioned above, the interface is in front of you and from there you get various options including send money, rules for viewing your bKash account, bill payment, then you will understand that you have bKash account open in this number.

In this case, if you want to give your bKash account number to any person, give your mobile number and say that it is your personal bKash account number. Hope you understand how to view your bKash account number. In case of any problem related to bKash account or forgetting PIN number, check out other posts on our website and get help from there to recover your PIN.

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