TikTok Bonus Tiktok Income App 2023 | Per day 100 Taka Earn

TikTok App Income 2021 | 240 Taka Joining Bonus | Per day 100 Taka Earn

Recently a special offer to earn money through Tiktok apps is running. This issue is being widely shared through other social media including Facebook. So if you are interested in this topic then read our post carefully.

Then you can earn 240 taka by clicking on the link of the app given below and following all the guidelines. So let’s say we don’t know how to earn 240 taka by downloading and referring to Tiktok apps.

Money income TikTok App

My friend woke me up in the morning and told me that if I download Tiktok apps, I will get 50 taka as mobile recharge. Later I will know the details of the subject and I will explain in detail in the post for your convenience. First you have to click on the link provided on our website or go to the Play Store and download the Tiktok app.

If you have used Tiktok Apps before then this opportunity and offer is not for you. Or if the person you are referring to already uses Tiktok apps, that person will not be able to download Tiktok apps via invitation and in that case you will not receive bonus money.

TikTok App To Bkash Payment Proof

So in this case it will start from the very beginning and those who do not use Tiktok apps will be able to take this opportunity. So if you are not using Tiktok apps then go to Play Store and download this app. After downloading, if you enter the app, you will get a code called invitation code.

You have already copied and pasted this code. Then go to the next option and open your own account in Tiktok Apps. However, you can open an account through different means. In this case, opening an account with mobile number and email will be the safest.

After opening the account you will enter a password that must be 8 to 20 digits. Here you will reset the password by making some special numbers. Then you have to mention your date of birth, name etc. In case of date of birth, if you are below 18 years of age, set the date of birth in such a way that you are 18 years of age or older. Because no citizen below the age of 18 can avail this facility.

TikTok App Unlimited Earning Trick

Then when your account is created, you can watch videos with that account. You will find an option called Bonus Offer at the top of the homescreen in Tiktok Apps. You will click on this option. And if you don’t get the bonus offer option on the homescreen, click on your personal account and if you look at the top, you will get a golden mark.

By clicking on it, you will get the notification related to the bonus. Then you can invite friends through different media by clicking on the invite option. Moreover, if you have more than one phone in your home, you can use this phone to receive bonuses. So invite all your friends who do not use Tiktok apps to accept this offer.

You can get that bonus when a friend downloads Tiktok apps at your invitation and uses the account by opening his own account. This bonus will be paid to you through bKash account or bank account. When a friend of your invitation downloads and uses the app, you will be asked about the account settings and you will provide the account number by providing the correct information.

TikTok App Payment Problem Solve

In this way, if your referred account uses Tiktok apps for 15 days and watches videos, you will get Tk 240 in your account. Moreover, watching the video will add points to your account. You get a bonus of one taka for every 1000 points. If you have any questions related to this, let us know in the comment box of our website.

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