Teletalk Own Number Check Code 2023

Teletalk Own Number Check Code

Do you need to check your Teletalk credit balance? Then you have stepped into the exact right direction. This article follows along with Teletalk balance check code. It is required every now and then to check the SIM main balance or available credit. The following passage contains all the possible option and stepwise walkthrough to explore your Teletalk SIM’s credit balance.


Enquiry of Teletalk main balance is very easy. You can simply dial *152#.

  • Open your “Dial Pad” or “Phonecall” app.
  • Dial *152#.
  • Send the call.
  • Receive prompt reply which shows you Teletalk SIM balance and expiry date.
  • You can also download “My Teletalk App” from google play store.
  • You can check available balance and all SIM related offers from the app easily.

N.B.: If any primitive user can not find the asterix sign, please make the special character keys active by pressing the button (?123) from bottom left corner of the keypad.

Additional Info:

Teletalk is regulated by “Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC)” and holds the charge of all other network providing companies in Bangladesh. It started its long awaited journey in 2001 and fully functional till then. It is owned by the state of the government. Teletalk has its customized offers readily available for different generation and type. These special SIMs are decimated by authenticating specific criteria or by showing relevant paperwork.

You generally need few things to start your SIM with proper validity. Those are,

  • National Identity Card (NID)
  • Two copies of passport size photo
  • Personal Details
  • Contact information
  • Signature
  • Finger print
  • Payment proof of any utility bill (for post paid customers)
  • All these data of minimum 5 people can be considered to obtain a corporate subscription.

If you are not sure whether your SIM has already been activated or not; just type “Q” and send a message to 1600. The always open and available helpline number of Teletalk is 121.  It charges a tariff of 1.40 taka per minute after first one and half minute. If you still need help and you are using another network connection, please dial +8801500121121-9 from any other network. You can also use these numbers for any other problem or to place a direct conversation to a customer care executive. 

Corporate Hotline number of teletalk is 267. It also charges from your main balance but at a very low call rate of 0.60 taka per minute.

Upon validation of your SIM card, please collect SIM related papers. If you loose the papers later for some reason, you can always apply for new documentation by submitting your NID (National Identity Card) and two passport size photographs.

Teletalk does not take the responsibility of smoothest connection if,

  • You are travelling on a high- speed automobile.
  • Crowded areas
  • Too high intensity of building blocade
  • Natural disaster or crappy weather conditions.

In case you lose your phone for some reason, you can take an extra security measure in advance. Ask the operator to show your IMEI number for taking a note. If lost, you can track your phone through that IMEI number. To activates this IMEI query, you have to press *#06# and you would get a message in return with your phone’s IMEI code.

Teletalk’s all info and requests are processed thoroughly by their website

This link would rerout you to the official Teletalk website and you can form any complaint or request there. You always have the option to walk into their customer care services all over Bangladesh. Address of the customer care center near your location can be found by the link Customer care points’ address can be found via the link

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