Teletalk Customer Care Number Center Address Chittagong Dhaka

Teletalk Customer Care Number Center Address Chittagong Dhaka

For those of you who use Teletalk SIM and receive various services through Teletalk operator, the address and phone number of Teletalk customer care center is provided on our website. Although this government-run SIM company provides services to us, it is currently in a very fragile state due to lack of proper customer service. However, in some areas, Teletalk SIM operators provide good service. However, in any case you can talk to Teletalk customer care or if you have provided any kind of mobile banking account through Teletalk SIM or in case of emergency then you can definitely contact the customer care about the problem.

If this SIM company could have provided good service since its establishment, then different operators could not have captured the market of Bangladesh like this. But even though it is managed by the government system, many customers have lost confidence in using it due to not providing very good service or poor network system and there are many people who keep teletalk SIM close and don’t use it. But in any case, if you have any problem with Teletalk SIM or if you want to contact the customer service directly, then you can definitely collect the customer care number to contact.

You may have some kind of mobile banking account open in your Teletalk SIM and you may have a problem and you may go to the SIM operator and ask for help to solve this problem. Therefore, besides directly contacting the customer care, you can also attend the office directly and receive benefits or services. So when you want to get any kind of service through Teletalk SIM operator, you must call 121 to communicate through mobile phone. If you want to get any number instead then of course 01500121121-9. By calling this number you can directly contact the customer care and explain the problem.

If you want to buy any kind of package through teletalk sim and if you are the networking system is very good then different types of packages have been launched here in addition to launching different types of packages at affordable prices. So you can get various services through Teletalk SIM or you can call the above mentioned number to contact customer care. However, if someone needs to contact the customer service directly, then the person in whose name the Teletalk SIM is registered must be present and in his presence directly contact the customer care and explain the problem.

Every divisional level teletalk SIM in Bangladesh has customer care and customer care is available in those areas or districts where customer benefits are more provided or in areas where the number of customers is high. So you have done well to visit our website to get district wise or department wise customer care address and if anyone wants to get customer care address of specific area then comment in comment box of our website.

Then we can provide you without knowing the correct information and by calling the above number you can get the service directly at home as well as directly visit the office and find the address of the district wise or department wise office.

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