Teletalk Balance Check Code 2023 How to Check Teletalk Account Balance by USSD

Teletalk is a government sim card of Bangladesh. Millions of people use this sim card for communicating among people. All application of job are now done through Teletalk sim card. So for students and unemployed people Teletalk is must.

Account balance is very important. You need to check account balance frequently to get idea about the amount of money you have. But it is matter of fact that many of you don’t know how to check Teletalk balance.

Do you know how to check Teletalk account balance? If you don’t know then we request you to read this article. Because by reading this article you will learn how to check Teletalk account balance. There are some process for checking your account balance by dialling a number.

How to Check Teletalk Account Balance

Checking Teletalk account balance is very much easy. Anyone can check their balance by own. You need not go to anywhere for checking your account balance. Then what to do next?

You have to dial a particular number from your handset to get account balance checked. When you dial this number your entire account balance will be shown on screen.

According to recent study, It is found that more than 30% of Teletalk customer don’t know how to check their account balance. They even don’t know how to check their own number. You can read this article to learn about that.

By the way, we are going to show you the exact code for dialing. Just Dial the code and check your account balance.

The code of Teletalk balance check is *152#

By darling this code you will be able to check your SMS, minute and internet balance.

In order to check your main account balance you have to type the number on your dial pad and dial this code.

If your mobile phone is locked then at first you need to unlock it. Then you need to pass that exact code on your mobile phone.

Teletalk Balance Check Code

Do you know what is the dialling code for checking Teletalk account balance? We think that as you are here, you don’t know the code. So we think it is our responsibility to show you the exact code of checking Teletalk account balance.

We divide this article in some paragraph. Here we will discuss about Teletalk minute, SMS, internet and MMS bundle check Code.

Teletalk Minutes Balance Check Code

Do you know how to check Teletalk balance? You should know this. because nowadays, Teletalk minutes bundle is very popular among its customers. Moreover the price of Minutes bundle is very low in this sim Card.

The process of checking Teletalk minute bundle is very easy. Anyone can check their minute bundle package by dialing a code.

You can easily buy those package by dialling a code. The code is given below.

To activate 80mins + 44 SMS @ Tk 44 you need to dial *111*44# or recharge exact Tk44.

Validity the minute pack 5 days, usage time 24hr. To check minute simply dial, *152# or type ‘U’ send it to 111.

You have to dial *2# in order to check your SIM card number.

Teletalk Internet Balance Check Code

Internet balance checking is very easy. But many of you don’t know how to check internet balance. They do not eat because they don’t know the balance check code.

Balance check code varies according to your internet volume type. If you purchasebundle offer then the code is different from the code of Bonus internet offer.

If you are looking for teletalk MB balance check for then you can collect it from here.

The code for Teletalk Internet Package is *152#
After dialing this code, a new menu will appear on the screen. And from that menu you need to input related number for checking internet package balance check.

Teletalk SMS/MMS Balance Check Code

There are many sms bundles in teletalk. The price of those package are very low. It is seen that students by those SMS bundles for communicate with themselves.

Do you know how to buy those SMS bundles in teletalk? There are some options for taking those SMS bundle. You can buy it by visiting the official website of Teletalk.

Now we are going to show you the dialling code for checking SMS.

Code you need to Press *152#

You can Type “Tar” & send to 222.

For MMS balance Check, please dial *152#

Teletalk Bonus Offer Balance Check Code

Sometimes Teletalk gives huge amount of Bonus balance to its customers. That maybe SMS internet and minute bundle. For checking the bonus balance bundle you need to dial a specific code.

Teletalk balance offer balance check code is *152#

Teletalk Oporajita Sim Balance Check

Aparajita is an attractive operator of Teletalk company. This is a quality product of Teletalk. This is a package owned by Teletalk company. Electric maintain and promote its business throughout the country.

Now we are going to show you how to check Teletalk aparajita sim balance.

In order to do that you have to dial the code *152#.

And for some other features of this sim you need to browse more options from the menu.

And the Code of Oporajita is *152#.

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