teachers.gov.bd Registration Content www,teachers.gov.bd

teachers.gov.bd Registration Content www,teachers.gov.bd

There is an official website for all educational institutions and teaching bodies under the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Through this official website an online based platform named Teacher Batayan has been developed from where various teachers can avail various facilities. Moreover, this website is made open to all and anyone can enter here to know about the studies of students of different classes.

In the era of information and communication technology, with the change in people’s knowledge and ideas, a person can easily make himself efficient by taking all these online based services. So if you are a teacher or if you are interested in this then you can login here and enjoy various classes.

It is generally observed that many teachers are participating in the class system till now as they have been appointed long ago. But from the education of the past, the education of the present time has been greatly changed. Every teacher is well trained in creativity and the teachers take that training and talk about how to answer students’ creative questions.

As a teacher is the leader of a class, a teacher must know about the updated methods of teaching. If a teacher does not know then it will be seen that he is not able to provide the correct information in the class or the students are making a lot of mistakes due to not being able to convey the information properly.

And for that every teacher is getting access to log in to the online base platform and can participate in various class arrangements by creating their own profile there. This official website of Teacher Batayan is providing you study classes according to each class topic. Apart from collecting important questions, you will get a chance to present it in your own way by watching video classes of different chapters from here. That is, this website is an important website to make a teacher fully competent. When a teacher can self-educate through this website, he can easily explain every topic to the students.

Every teacher of secondary level can enter here and check the classes of each class. Moreover, for the teachers, different categories or different groups of classes have been given here for the ninth and tenth classes separately. Even each chapter of a book is divided separately so that you can understand all the information by looking at the classes based on the chapter. As this official website of teacher training helps you, if you do not understand any topic, then participate in the class system to make the class enjoyable and not annoying by providing fabricated information.

A teacher must know and understand well as a teacher is the craftsman of making a learner. This website is a website where a student or teacher can get any information in writing or receive every service through video. If you feel like creating and uploading class wise by presenting yourself here you can do so. So all the teachers from all over the country can spread the light of knowledge among the students by participating here and taking all the services.

Hope you have understood all these information through this post and understood what this official website of Teacher Batayan is used for. This website has been established for the benefit of information and communication technology so that everyone can get various online based services at home.

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