Taka Income Korar Game App Bkash Payment 2023

Apni ki Game khele Taka income korte chan? Game khele Taka Bkash Payment Pete chaile ai article ti apnar jonno. In this article we are going to share our ideas on how to earn money by playing game in Bangladesh in 2023 and get Bkash payment.

Taka Income Korar Game

There are many mobile games available for Bangladeshi player to take part and earn money from playing the game. Among all the games Bkash play game is the best game for earning Bkash money.

Game Khele Taka Income Bkash 2023

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Bkash Bird Game

Bkash Bird game is an Android game embedded into Bkash application. Bkash customers can play the game and earn huge amount of money.

1. How to play the game?

Game play is very easy. In order to get this feature you have to update your Bkash app. The system of this game is you need to fly a bird as long as you can and touch coins to earn points.

There is continuous bombing from sky and you have to skip the bombing. Unfortunately if you hit any bomb then your life will be damaged.

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2. Buy Life

Primarily will get 10 life. After you loss 10 life you can buy 10 life at Taka 1 through Bkash payment. The payment method is very easy. Just click buy life and enter your Bkash password. Please keep in mind that you cannot buy more than 10 life at a time.

3. Payment System

This is a competition. So you have to earn much point you can to win the first prize. The money used to purchase life is given to Bidyananda Foundation. It is one type of social work.

Bangladeshi app per day 1000 Taka Income, Payment Bkash

Have you ever heard that Bangladeshi app 1000 taka income and get payment is through Bkash? It is not false. Yes you heard right. now we are going to inform you about such Bangladeshi app that can make you 1000 Taka per day.

It is not so easy for you to earn 1000 Taka per day by playing only mobile game. You need to have some extra talent in order to get the money.

How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh 2023 (100% Working Complete Guideline)

There are many people working very hard to 1,000 Taka per day in Bangladesh but can’t find it. On the other hand there are some online professional who is easily earning more than 1000 Taka per day.

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