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Sonar Dam Koto 2023 Bangladesh has been revised today. Bangladesh jewellers association has determined new price for gold in Bangladesh. If you are looking for Sorner Dam Koto, then this article is very important for you. By reading this article you will learn the market price of gold in Bangladesh.

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Sonar Dam 2023

On March 2, 2023, Bangladesh Jewellers Association publish new notice regarding Sonar Dam. According to the newly published price list of gold, it is known that the price has been decreased.

1 Vori Sonar Dam decreased by 1516 BDT. Are you interested to purchase Sona from Bangladesh? Then at first you should learn the measurement of gold. After learning every pros and cause of Gold, you should purchase from any reputed Sonar dukaan.

Ajke Sonar Dam Koto Jante Chai

There are many people who are searching for today’s gold price in Bangladesh. For helping them out we are writing this article.

In this article we have collected information from trusted sources. Our reporters has interviewed some of Bangladesh jewellery associations high officials regarding this price.

10 Gram Sonar Dam Koto

Bangladesh is middle income country. Majority of its population are poor. So, they cannot buy much gold at a time.

10 gram equal to about 1 Vori. So if you are looking for the price of 1 bhori Sona, then you should take a look at the below chart of gold price of today in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Sonar Dam

You know, there are two types of gold available in Bangladesh. One is Bangladeshi originated and another kind are imported from foreign countries. The price of gold depends on the quality.

Gold price refers to the purity percentage. So the price varies from shop to shop and gold variety.

In order to learn more about gold price in Bangladesh then you should follow the link.

Gold Price in Bangladesh 2023

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