Skitto SIM price in Bangladesh 2023 (Skitto Sim er Dam)

Have you tried to find out skitto SIM card and failed to do so? The reason of your failure is what? You cannot find out the SIM card at your nearest sim shop. Don’t worry dear.

In this article we are going to talk about Skitto Sim card price in Bangladesh. By reading this article you will also learn how to find out the SIM card and how to collect it.

Skitto SIM Price and Offer 2023

Skitto is a sister concern of Grameenphone Bangladesh. This operator is giving great opportunity for its users to enjoy internet and minute talktime at low price. What you need to take the offer is skitto Sim.

You can find skitto sim internet offer if you have a sim card of this operator. What is the selling price of skitto sim? It is a common question of all GP users.

We are going to provide accurate information about skitto SIM card price in 2023. After the discussion of sim price we will talk about skitto SIM offer.

Skitto SIM Price 2023

The price of SIM card of different packages of Grameenphone is the same. However, the price of Skito SIM is a little higher than other SIMs.

Grameenphone’s ordinary SIM card costs 80 to 120 rupees. However, if you buy from Grameenphone Center, the price is 200 rupees.

On the other hand, the price of Skito SIM is 200 taka. This same price applies where you buy from.

Do you know from where you can get skitto SIM card? Now I am going to discuss about Skitto sim card Store location.

Skitto SIM Store Location

At first, when skito came on the market, it was only available in educational institutions. SIMs were sold in schools, colleges and universities.

After gaining immense popularity, SIM cards were sold through campaigns in different upazila towns. SIMs were also available at Grameenphone centers.

But it is very sad that SIMs are not available everywhere at present. The SIMs are not available at Grameenphone Center or any college or university.

But SIMs are now available in Dhaka city. People of Dhaka city can easily buy SIMs.

Skitto SIM Number

All types of skkito SIM number starts with 013 and 017. This is the code of GP & Skitto.

Did you know that you can now buy a SIM card with any number of your choice? Yes. Anyone can buy a SIM card from Grameenphone Center or Grameen SIM store by making any number they want.

But in that case you must remember that the number should not be used before. But in case of Skito SIM, it is impossible to get such service.

Because Skito SIM has already prepared the SIM card. So you can’t buy numbers as you wish. But one thing to keep in mind. You can buy the number of your choice from many SIM cards.

Skitto SIM Call Rate

Skito customers can talk at a very low cost. The call rate is very low. Now there are many ways to recharge in Skito SIM. You can recharge using your credit card. You can also recharge Skito from Flexiload or GPay service.

However, Skito SIM has some limitations. You cannot buy minutes talk time or SMS bundle using this SIM. Calls will be charged from the main balance.

Skitto SIM Replacement

Have you lost your Skito SIM? Then you can replace the SIM from any Grameenphone Center. For this you have to pay a charge of Taka 200.

You must take your ID card with you during SIM replacement. If the SIM card is lost, you should immediately contact Customer Care and turn off the SIM.

After that, replace the SIM as soon as possible. Because if the SIM card that he got at this time causes any accuracy, then you have to take the responsibility.

GP to Skitto Migration

If you want to migrate your GP SIM to Skito then there is bad news for you. Currently migration is not possible on Skito SIM. You need to buy a new SIM card in order to enjoy exclusive skitto offer.

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