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Services nidw gov bd NID Card Download Apply Online

If you want to do any work related to National Identity Card then you have to do it online according to the current rules. That is why there are many of you who do not know the official website of the National Identity Card and do not understand how to go there.

So today we will discuss with you a very limited number of official websites of the National Identity Card and all the work that you do to go there and correct the information including the application for the National Identity Card and open the profile and download the online copy. As you can see from the title at the top of our website, it is the official website of National Identity Card.

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All you have to do is enter the dot to access this official website. You can apply for a new national identity card by accessing this official website. If you have a National Identity Card number and want to collect a copy online, you can do so. Again, if there is any kind of mistake in the national identity card, then it can be corrected subject to showing sufficient evidence. When you apply for a new person’s national identity card, you need to go there and open a profile.

Services nidw gov bd NID Card Download Apply Online

After opening the profile, you will have to provide all the information following the rules and provide this information in the national identity card in a very accurate way so that you do not have to apply again to correct the information later. 2023

So you will enter the website mentioned above and click on the option called Application for new registration shown there. An application may cost you up to taka 230 / – and may incur an online service charge. If you want to download online copy of National Identity Card then if your profile is open then you can login and go to your profile.

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And if the profile is not open then you have to open it and in this case you will need your national identity card number and date of birth. At the same time, an OTP code will be sent to the mobile number which is given on the basis of all the information that you provided while recording the information and you will have to open the profile by setting the user ID and password. Now if you want to correct your national identity card information, it can be done from the profile.

In the profile you will find three types of information and from this type of information you need to change the information to the information option go to the edit option and go there and apply online by providing new information.

You will go to the Election Commission office with the print of the application and after submitting the required documents and application fee, you will be informed that your National Identity Card information has been corrected via SMS within a few days.

And based on this information you will be able to collect the national identity card from the election office within a few days. Moreover, if you have any information regarding National Identity Card, please let us know by writing your question in our comment box.

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