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It is provided in the title of our website that we visit the official website when the important work related to NID card is required. That is, all the services that you want to receive at home and all the services that Bangladesh Election Commission has provided facilities for you to receive at home, you will get on this website.

Especially important tasks like registration of new information or voter ID card download and correction of information can be done by visiting this official website. The official website also has various mechanisms through which you can know about the status of your voter ID card. So if anyone has visited the official website of Service NID then you must use the above link and we will explain to you through this question where to go and what to do. 2023

Voter ID card plays a very important role in providing our identity when we grow up. If you want to receive institutional facilities from any institution, you are asked to provide the voter ID card number or its copy while providing identification. That is, a person can be found very easily based on his voter ID card information and photo. So when you want to perform important tasks related to voter ID card or when you don’t get it after registering the information then you must visit the official website of above mentioned Service NID.

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After visiting the official website you have to register an account there and to register the account you must provide voter ID card number or voter form number. If you fail to provide any of the above mentioned information then you will not be able to open the profile for ID card and it will not be possible to download it. The official website will provide you the opportunity to download it by identifying the face through ID card number and all other information and NID wallet. So if you need your ID card on urgent basis or if you want to keep the color copy of ID card in the form of PDF file on the mobile phone, then definitely go there and open a profile.

Smart NID Card Download

There are many people who have informational mistakes in their ID card and voter ID card is a very important document because if you notice any informational mistakes here then you must correct the information without delay. Because you have to take provincial privileges by performing each task by matching the information with the certificate and birth registration certificate, you have to open a profile as per the rules mentioned above to correct the voter ID card information. You can apply for correction of information by logging into your profile, depositing money and submitting correct information and credentials.

There are many who somehow miss out while registering information or are unable to register this information due to not doing much. In that case we will ask you to go to the official website to register the information and go there and click on the option to apply for new registration. There you will apply for an ID card by providing information from name and address to parent’s information and various personal and educational information.

After applying, a message will be sent to the mobile phone and based on that message, you will go and take fingerprints and photos on the specified day. Within a few days you will be provided with a smart ID card along with providing the opportunity to download the PDF file of the ID card.

Download Nid Card

Download NID card online by following the rules shown on our website. In this case some correct information has to be provided and you must be able to download it through facial recognition in the presence of the ID card holder. The official website called NID Service is providing an opportunity to download the ID card to those who have registered the information and have not yet received the ID card.

As now people are grown up and want to perform the tasks of availing various institutional facilities so in today’s post we will tell you the correct rules to download NID card. If you know this rule, you can easily keep the paper laminating version of NID card with smart ID card number in PDF file form in your collection.

Bangladesh Election Commission has been providing service to every people by launching the official website called Service NID. So when you visit this official website make sure you visit the right official website
I will tell you to use this link When you visit the website and go to the homepage, even if there is no option to download NID card, from there you will easily click on the register option because you do not have an account. Because through this you can register your account there by providing NID card information and other information. All the details registered by the voter ID card while providing photo and registration will be displayed there in the form of profile.

After clicking on register option, you will be asked to provide NID card number or voter information registration form number in the next step. So you can easily visit this official website and provide your required information and after providing voter form number you have to go down and provide your date of birth information correctly. After properly entering the captcha code on the website you will go to the next page and continue to provide all the information you have registered for the address while registering your information. After providing address information like this, go to the next page and go there to see a mobile number.

Actually this number is shown there as you have provided it while registering the information and if the number is active then click on send message option. That means the message will come to your phone and there will be a verification code. Enter that code on the website and go to the next page and follow the instructions of the website and click on the link provided to download the software called NID Wallet. By downloading the NID wallet, the ID card owner will confirm to the website that you are actually the owner of the ID card based on his face detection in front of the camera.

In this way you will come back to the website again by providing the ID card contact and there you will set the username and password. In this case, set the unique user name by providing English alphabets and digits and must remember that while providing the password. In this way you can see a profile with your picture on the website by opening a full profile.

Then you can download the PDF file of your voter ID card to your mobile phone or any other device by clicking on the download option from that profile. Hope that through this post I have been able to teach you the correct rules to download NID card and by following this information you can perform important tasks with NID card pdf file in your daily life.

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