Send Money to Rocket from Bkash & Bkash to Rocket (UCash, SureCash, MCash, Islamic Wallet Money Transfer System)

Great news for Bkash, Rocket, UCash, MCash and Islamic wallet user. Because Bangladesh bank is going to introduce new system for transferring money from one operator to another. In this article we are going to teach you the process on how to send money from Rocket to Bkash & Bkash to rocket.

Mobile Banking Money Transfer System

At present customers can transfer from one account to another only between their own operators. For example, if you want, you can send money from bkash to bkash or you can send money from rocket to rocket.

But you can’t send money to rocket from bKash if you want. In the same way there is no system of money transaction in development from rocket.

With the introduction of new rules, customers will be able to enjoy this facility. This means that a customer can transfer money from his bKash account to any Rocket or any other mobile banking account if he wishes.

Be sure to read the article carefully to know how the system will work. Because we are going to discuss the process elaborately in easy language.

Send Money to Rocket from Bkash and Vice Versa

The new money transfer system of other mobile banking services will be launched on a trial basis.

At first, only bKash UCash M Cash and Islamic Wallet customers will be able to enjoy this facility. Gradually Eseba will be expanded.

However, it is hoped that if the customer enjoys the benefits, benefits will soon be added to all operators. Must stay with us to get regular updates about him.

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