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Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2020

Are you looking for the exact price of Samsung mobile? There are many smart and latest smartphones in Bangladesh of Samsung Brand. Recently, Samsung Bangladesh reduces its selling price on all phone. Are you thinking of buying mobile phone of Samsung brand? Then, that is your good choice. And, you need not to worry about the price. In this article we discuss about the Samsung Mobile price in Bangladesh. So, please read this article to learn more about the prices of all Samsung Mobile Phones.

Samsung Price in Bangladesh

The World’s largest mobile phone brand, Samsung comes to Bangladesh with lots of new phones. They have first stepped in Bangladesh in 1998 with featured phone. In 2002, they bring Multimedia phone. Those phone become very popular for their design. There was another reason behind its popularity. Then in 2004, it comes with Folding Mobile phone. The colorful design attracts all. So, it breaks all the record of most selling Mobile phone in Bangladesh.

Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2020

The Samsung mobile’s price is always affordable. They are cheap in price. People from all classes can buy Samsung Mobile phone. There are many mobile phones which is affordable to people of middle and low income.

Latest Samsung Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2019

There are many latest phone in the Bangladeshi mobile market. Samsung makes a good come back in 2019. They bring many Brand new smartphones in the market.

Are you searching for the latest Samsung mobile phone name and the prices of those phones? Then please read the below passage.

The Samsung is a South Korean Brand. It is launching new phones in every month. So, it is the number one smartphone manufacturer company in the world. Samsung is so popular, as they have built trust among the consumers in all aspects of a smartphone. And, it is always latest. There is no month, in which they haven’t launch any new mobile phone.

Customer likes to use latest device. Mobile phone is no an exception. You may be one of that taste. For your help, we are here with all the latest Samsung mobile phone and its prices.

List of latest Samsung Mobile and its Prices

You can take a look at the table below to learn the latest phone prices of Samsung Brand.

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Upcoming Samsung Phone Prices 2020

There are many new Samsung phones ready to launch in 2019. They are coming with extraordinary features. They are exceptional for its marvelous look and stylish design.

List of Upcoming Samsung Phone and Release Date

Here is a table containing release date and their prices.

{Here goes the table}

Why Samsung is Popular in Bangladesh?

For excellent global reputation, innovative features, durability, Android OS, high-quality service and decent pricing, Samsung phones gained quick popularity in Bangladesh.  There are only a few brands officially selling their Mobile Phone in Bangladesh. Samsung is one of them. And for it good reputation, it is conducting business in Bangladesh without hassle and any interruption.

This trustworthiness helps them building an excellent customer feedback. It gained a higher place in the market as they meet consumer demand. Samsung is always offering professional services.

In 2018, Samsung starts its Phone making factory in Bangladesh. This establishment creates great opportunity to run their business in Bangladesh.

Moreover, there are thousands of authorized dealers, service centers and showrooms in Bangladesh. Mobile selling shops are available in all parts of the country.

History of Samsung Mobile

The history of Samsung is very old. The main company started its operation in 1938. So, you can say that, they have gone a long way in technology world. It has many products in the Market since then. Samsung comprises numerous affiliated business and most of them are under Samsung Company which is a South Korean Brand.

Some Information about Samsung Company






1 March 1938



Lee Byung-chul







Samsung has business in many areas. They have business of insurance, securities, apparels, computer and so on.

In 2012, Samsung Electronics became the World’s Largest Mobile phone Maker by unit sales overtaking Nokia. And it is noteworthy that the Nokia had been the market leader since 1998.

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