Robi 500mb Internet Package 10 Taka & 200mb Offer at 9 Taka in 2023

Robi 500mb internet Package 10 Taka is the latest offer for robi users. And there is another exclusive offer of 200MB at Taka 9.

Are you looking for more information about those internet packages? Then this article is going to introduce you some important information and facts about exclusive internet package of robi.

RobiScreen 500MB Offer at 10 Taka

For browsing RobiScreen you get 500 MB internet for only 10 rupees. This package will be valid for three days. This means that this interesting internet package can be used for the next 72 hours from the time you activate the package.

Remember that this video facility can only be used for video shows To activate the package you need to visit Robi official website. For your convenience, we are adding a link to the website here.

Then you can visit the official website without delay by clicking on the link given below. And enjoy non-stop 500 MB internet for only 10 taka.

Robi 200MB Offer at 9Taka for YouTube

Activate the YouTube package for 200 MB YouTube browser for nine taka. Detailed instructions for activating the package have been sent to you via SMS.

You can buy this interesting internet facility by dialing the code as per the instructions shown in the SMS.

Code of Robi 500MB & 200MB in 2023

There is no easier way to activate a package by dialing USSD code. However, you will not be able to launch each internet package via code dial.

For this you have to visit the official website or download the mobile application and launch it.

You must activate the two internet packages discussed above by visiting the official websites of Robi and Airtel. You can also launch the mentioned YouTube and Robiscreen packages with the help of My Robi app.

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