Robi Recharge Internet Package 2023

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Here’s you will get everything you need to know about Robi recharge internet package.

Hurry up and grasp all this superb Robi recharge internet package. To know more about this internet package read this article.

Robi Recharge Internet Package

I will explain very beautifully to clarify this Robi recharge internet package to you.

By this article you will know

  • How to buy this Robi recharge internet package?
  • How to check Robi recharge internet package?
  • Usage time of Robi recharge internet package.

Hope this article will help you to buy Robi recharge internet package. And I think you all will enjoy Robi recharge internet package.

Robi recharge internet package

Robi has arrived with many wonderful Robi recharge internet package. Here you will get reasonable price internet package. I will explain all the procedure to get this recharge internet package.

1.5 GB at Recharge 209 taka

This is an interesting Robi internet recharge offer. You can take this offer by recharging your account 209 taka.

After recharge 209 Taka you will get 1.5 GB internet in your internet balance then you can enjoy this package. This package validity is for 30 Days.

You can also by this package by using this code *123*209#.

2 GB at Recharge 239 taka

This offer is eligible for any kind of prepaid Robi users. Anyone can take this 2GB internet very easily. If you want to buy this internet package then you have to recharge in your account 239 taka. After some time you will get a confirmation SMS by Robi then you can use this offer and the validity of this internet packages 28 days.

You can also take this offer by dialing *123*251#.

This package is like a bundle package because from this recharge offer you don’t only get megabyte, you also get from this package many things. There is also include SMS and minute package. From this package you will get 150 SMS, you can use this SMS at any prepaid number and there is also 150 minutes to any net.

If you ready to buy it is offered in you have to recharge in your account 239 Taka then you will get this all bundle.

4 GB at recharge 129 taka

This 4 GB Robi internet recharge offer is very much affordable and friendly package. This packages is available for any prepaid Robi customer. You want to buy the offer?

Then you have to recharge 129 Taka in your balance account.

Duration of internet uses time is 7 days.

If you have enough money then you can buy this offer by dialing *123*0129#

15 GB at recharge 649 taka

This packages is for the heavy users of internet. If you want to buy this offer you have to recharge your account 649 taka. Then you will get in your internet balance 15 GB by a confirmation sms.

Duration of this Robi internet recharge packages 28 days.

You can also get this package by dialing *123*649#.

20 GB at recharge 399 taka

To purchase this offer we have to recharge in your main account 399 taka. Then after a few moment you will get a confirmation mess buy Robi and then you can enjoy the days 20 GB internet. This is a very reasonable price package and validity of this package is 28 days

 Use this code to buy this offer *123*399#

How to check your balance??

To check internet balance you have to dial *3#.

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