Robi MB Check Code 2023

Robi MB Check Code

Internet is the best mode of communication for most of the privileged people. Even though, people from the rural or urban people have grown exponentially over the past few years. This review sets you up to know and run all the necessary codes for Robi MB Check. MB check usually refers as checking the available internet balance on the phone or at the SIM’s disposal.

Please remember the USSD codes for your future needs or you are always welcome to visit our website for all necessary information. You can also download the app called “My Robi” app from the Google Play Store or App Store for achieving the most of your convenience provided by the telecom community.

Robi MB (Internet Balance) Check Code- *3#


Robi MB (Internet Balance) Check Code- *123*3# or *123*3*5#

Robi on-net minute check code- *222*2#

Robi off-net minutes check code- *222*9#

Robi SMS balance check code- *222*12#

Robi emergency internet balance check code- *123*3*5#

The internet balance check code is assisted with few other USSD codes of Robi

Robi balance check code- *222#

Robi number check code- *140*2*4#

Robi minute check code- *222*3#

Robi SMS check code- *222*9#

Robi on net minute check code- *3#

Robi off net minute check code- *222*2#

Robi Switch off incoming calls code- *35*0000#

Robi switch on deactivated incoming calls code- #35#0000#

Robi stop call waiting service code- *43#

Robi deactivate call divert service code- #21#

Robi activate call divert service code- *21*robi SIM number#

Robi switch off outgoing call service code- *33*0000# 

Robi switch on outgoing call service code- #33#0000#

Robi help center- *123#

Robi help center desk from other SIM operator- +88 01819-400 400

Robi Axiata Ltd. is the second largest telecom community in Bangladesh. Robi is established by grand stock of Axiata Ltd. and Bharti Airtel. These two companies own 90% of the share stakes of Robi. Rest 10% is open to public for grab and certainly a blue- chip stock.

Robi has stood beside Bangladeshi people during the covid pandemic. Due to their contribution, they have been awarded with Communic Asia 2020 awards (Singapore Based), which is an international award for telecom service innovation. It is a proud for Bangladesh to gain limelight through this internationally known award in the arena of telecom and network. During the covid situation, Robi introduced two affordable life insurance service among people named Health- Plus and Life Plus.

Robi has taken a giant leap with the introduction of IVR through their network. It is a special service where people can watch live contents of media and can activate by voice command. Robi has also launched their premiere service named bdtickets which is an online transportation ticketing system.

It is a matter of proud for the Robi family to get awarded as the most socially dedicated brand in the world for continuous two quarter ranked by online analytics. Their performance has been tested on three reviewing criteria. Those are response time, social media platform and response rate.  Robi made it’s way to the top with eleven million fans and an incredible record of 99.75% response toward customers’ service.

To add more, the average response time of Robi is counted within five minutes time span on an average. In the later quarter, Robi has broken it’s own record with a smooth response rate of 99.84%. Robi focuses on customers benefits and their social media platform is equally equivalent and a dedicated network of executives work on to provide the customers the best support on any given cause.

If you have detailed queries, hopefully the web platform of Robi can help you with all of your problems. Instead you can file a free of cost complaint through email. If you came across any other query recently, feel free to let us know and we would be happy to come up with a solution.

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