Robi 30GB 30 Days Offer Code 2023 (330 Tk & 349 Tk) Offer 30 Din Meyad

Robi 30GB internet offer for 30 days validity and purchasing code of that package is the topic of this article. By reading this article you will learn more information about it Robi 30GB 30 Days Offer Code 2023 (330 Tk & 349 Tk) Offer 30 Din Meyad. So let’s get started.

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Robi 30GB 30 Days Internet Offer

Robi has some exclusive internet offer for its customer. By reading this article you will get exclusive idea on how to purchase this internet package at the lowest price.

There are various type of internet package in Robi for 30 days validity period. But 30gb for 30 days is the unique invention of Robi.

There is ups and down in the price of this internet package. So there is no standard price of this.

Moreover you can get the offer from various sources at various prices. For example if you purchase this internet from Flexiload then the price will be high.

On the other hand if you get the offer at your My Robi App then you will get some discount. And if you get 30% discount of this package then you must activate this package from online seller.

Now I am going to talk about how to purchase the internet package by dialling code.

Robi 30GB Offer Code

If you want to purchase this internet package for 30 days by dialling a code then the process is very simple. Only you need to dial a short code from your mobile device.

But you have to keep in mind that you must have enough money on your account balance.

How to Take the Offer

The offer can be taken using 3 system or method. They are as follows

1. Flexiload

2. My Robi App

3. Online Recharge

From Flexiload:

Flexiload has power load system. Using this system you can check available offer for you. If you are trying to purchase Robi 30gb internet for 30 days validity through Flexiload then please ask the operator to check your power load offer.

And if the offer exist then please request him to get activated the offer for you.

From My Robi App:

In the offer section of My Robi App, you will get exclusive offer for you. Those offer is only applicable for your number. So please search that the offer is still exist in the app and click on Buy button.

And if you have enough balance on your account then the offer will be activated within a few seconds.

From Online Recharge:

Some online recharge option enable you of activating monthly internet package at low rate. You are requested to recharge from online to get maximum discount.

Robi 30GB 349 TK Offer Code

The code will be given later

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