Robi 1GB at 6 Taka Offer and Code 2023

Robi 1GB at 6 Taka Offer and Code 2020

Robi is the most popular band in our country. And this brand always focuses on the most wanted and beneficial offer. Like the last year Robi again come back with an interesting new 1 GB at 6 Taka offer for its subscribers.

This article is totally designed with this friendly 1GB at 6 Taka offer. You need only 6 taka to achieve this offer.

Robi 1GB at 6 Taka Offer 2023

Robi is also provide 1GB internet at 6 taka, 12 taka, 9 taka, 25 taka and so on.

Robi is always the best for low price internet.  You will never get this kind of low price internet brand. You can only find this type offer in Robi. That is why you have to always stay with Robi to enjoy this kind of offer.

From this article you may know this Robi’s friendly 1GB at 6 Taka offer and here I will talk about

  • How to buy this 1 GB at 6 Taka offer?
  • How to check this 1 GB at 6 Taka offer?
  • What is the code of buy this 1 GB at 6 Taka offer?
  • How you know that you are eligible for this offer?
  • Is this offer is beneficial or not?
  • Validate time.
  • Terms and Conditions.

In this article for you I will discuss everything that you can understand how to enjoy this offer.

Robi 1GB at 6 Taka offer

In the very beginning of my article I have said that Robi is a brand that always like to share something very effective and very helpful internet package to its customers. That is why Robi again come with its very low price offer package and it is very easy to take.

If you are heavy uses of Internet then why do take your time?

Don’t waste your time. Let’s come back to Robi and take your phone and recharge in your account 6 Taka only. After recharging in your account 6 Taka, then you will get a confirmation SMS by Robi that internet balance has been added to your account and to purchase this internet balance you have been charged 6 taka.

After getting that is confirmation SMS then you can enjoy this is superb Internet offer.

Robi at GB at 6 Taka internet offer code

Without recharging you can also enjoy this offer by dialing a simple code. If you have enough money to your account then you can use this code to buy this offer. If you have 6 Taka in your account then you have to just dial *123*0006# this code to enjoy it offer and Robi will confirm you by a SMS then you will able to enjoy this offer.

Duration:  Your validate time is for this 1 GB offer is 7 days.

How to check internet offer?

Checking the internet offer is the most essential part for using internet.  Because sometimes we are not aware of checking our Internet balance that is why we lost our money.

To check internet balance Robi have to dial *3#.

Terms and Conditions

You will be eligible for this offer when you have got this 1 GB at 6 Taka SMS from Robi that you can eligible to enjoy this offer then you can buy this of this. Or you can send a sms to confirm your eligibility. 

That is why you have to wait to it enjoy this offer. Till then wait and check SMS.


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