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Proton C7 White Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2022

Proton is feature phone producer in Bangladesh. Among all the features phone of proton brand, C7 is trending now. Thousands of people are purchasing this mobile phone from online shop.

Are you looking for proton C7 mobile phone price in Bangladesh? Then read this article to get the actual market price of this feature phone. In this article we will show you specification of this button mobile and discuss about various function of this phone.

Proton C7 Price in Bangladesh

Most probably you know that this is the best selling normal phone in proton brand. People are loving this band because it is very good and service. Moreover its price is very low.

Therefore this mobile device is suitable for the poor people. Those people who works outside their home are the main customer of this device. Because it is very hard device.

Now let’s talk about features of this phone.

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Features of Proton C7 White

Some latest Features has been added in the updated version. The battery is is updated. Operating system is also updated to the latest version.

1.8” Display big screen display made this device extraordinary. And an amazing features of this phone is Dual SIM Dual Standby.

It has powerful 32Mb+32Mb Memory.

0.08MP Back Camera enhances the power of this device. On the other hand it has Torch-Flashlight. With the help of this flashlight you can watch anything in dark.

FM radio is using wireless functionality. Moreover it has bluetooth connection. And most surprising fact is that you can browse internet by using this Proton C7 device.

It has 3.5 Earphone Jack for listening music using headphone. The device is with vibration system. So you can switch between many profile like general, silent and vibrating.

Additionally it has 1000mAh Battery original. GSM/900/1800 network is used in this phone.

Where to Get the Device

Purchase this device from E-Commerce websites. There are some e-commerce websites in Bangladesh which is very fastly delivery it goods to their customers. You can get the device within 7 days from online shop.

But we suggest you to purchase this mobile phone from your nearest shop. Because you can claim something broken with this device.

User Reviews

We have already mentioned that this device is best selling feature phone in online market. Users give 4.5* rating on this feature phone.
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