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If you want to know about Pefixation, a website created for government employees, then you can get this information from our website today. This website discusses important issues besides determining salary. So when you want to know about this website we will help you on the basis of providing correct information about it.

Today we have provided you the correct government official website address for the website that you are looking for online salary determination at various times. If you want to know the detailed idea about this fixation, you can know various types of information from here. Here you can get an idea about different types of pay scales and elevation grades along with knowing about various new recruitments.

Usually every year recruitment is done following various recruitment circulars and pay structure is fixed for those who get job following these rules. Pay structure 2015 is still running till date following the latest update. So following the new pay structure you have to verify and report the information submitted by the accounting office. And in making this report, special precautions must be taken so that no mistakes are made. If you want to get Pay Fixation then you have to go to the official website using the title mentioned above and apply there.

Generally you need to use National Identity Card and mobile phone number to apply. Besides, you have to carry the office order and all the related documents to determine the salary information. In this case you have to collect different types of recruitment circulars and also different types of software in addition to collecting information about transfer, time scale etc.

Also, in case of new recruitment, you have to keep the teaching certificate and joining letter, the books have to be uploaded on the website. You will collect the health certificate in advance when you join. After that, if other documents are asked from you other than the current and new recruitment notification then you have to provide them.

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The pay fixed in various grades following the National Pay Scale 2015 is ongoing till date. Even if we get to know about the new pay scale it is very unlikely that this pay scale will come before the elections. So those of you who want to get an idea about integrated budgeting and accounting system can stay updated regularly on this website and know every information depending on the information on the website. Pay Fixation is a website where you can get important information and get an idea about the pay structure.

According to the concept of integrated budgeting and accounting system, if you want to do pay fixation, you can process every information through an experienced person and upload the documents that are asked to be uploaded there. We regularly post for you to know the information. Moreover, as the official website of Fixation is unknown to many people, we are giving you that address.

When you want to know the information related to this or if you have any question related to this then you can tell in the comment box. I will let you know the procedures being followed in accordance with the new rules and update each information. I am ending this post by wishing everyone the best of luck and wishing everyone well.

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