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Rocket is one of the cheapest mobile banking service in Bangladesh. It is Dutch Bangla Bank Limited service. You can complete Palli Bidyut bill payment by using rocket.

Do you know how to perform this task? If you don’t know then this article is for you. Because in this article we are going to share information about palli Bidyut bill payment by rocket. Please read this article from top to bottom in order to to learn how to complete the payment.

Palli Bidyut Bill Payment Rocket

Bkash and rocket are two popular mobile banking service in Bangladesh. Both of them has options for completing bill payment. We have already discussed about Bkash method.

In this article we will talk about rocket bill payment system for Palli Bidyut or Rural Electrification.

Now a days it is very easy to complete monthly Palli Bidyut bill payment by using rocket mobile banking. And it is completely free. You don’t need to pay any charge in order to do this.

But many of you don’t know how to complete this action. So it it is our responsibility to tell them the entire process. You must have rocket account in order to complete this task. Otherwise you can use your parents mobile banking account to do it.

How to Pay Palli Bidyut Bill by Rocket

You can easily pay Palli Bidyut bill by using Rocket in two methods. One is SSSD and the second method is rocket app. Details discussion will be provided here for your help.

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Palli Bidyut Bill Payment by Rocket App

Are you interested to complete Palli Bidyut bill payment by using rocket app? Then read this portion very carefully. We are going to share the process of bill payment by using rocket app.

Follow the step-by-step process described below in order to complete the payment.

At first open your rocket app.

Then click on Bill Pay menu.

Now you have to select “Palli Bidyut”.

Then input your SMS account number.

Here is two options available for selecting ownership of this bill payment.

If you are going to complete your personal Palli Bidyut bill then you have to select “self”. And if the bill is for others then click “others”. A new Option will be added below. That is beneficiary id. You have to input it.

And finally click on “validate”.

Then you have to input amount of charge and click continue. And the last step is inputting your rocket password.

That is the process of Palli vidyut bill payment by rocket app.

Palli Bidyut Bill Pay by Nexus Pay

You can pay your Palli Bidyut bill by using Nexus pay. You can do it by following a few steps. Here we show you instructions with images for your easy learning.

At first open your Nexus Pay app.

Then navigate to bill pay.

You have to select Palli Bidyut from the dropdown list.

And input all the required data. Finally click and submit button.

Rocket Palli Bidyut Bill Payment Charge

Nothing is charge free in this world. You have to pay charges even if you drink a cup of water. Like that you must pay charge in order to complete your Palli Bidyut bill payment by using rocket.

Charge varies depending upon your monthly bill amount. Billing charge chart will be provided here. Take a look at that chart.

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