Palli Bidyut Bill Payment Using Bkash – Full System for Free Payment

Now a days Palli bidyut bill payment can be completed using Bkash for free. But many of you don’t know how to complete this action. That’s why they cannot perform the task.

Are you one of them looking for full Palli Bidyut bill payment guideline? This article is for you. Because in this article we will talk about online bill payment by using Bkash Mobile banking personal account.

Palli Bidyut Bill Pay

From the very beginning of Rural Electrification namely Palli Biddut, monthly bill payment was done through going to nearest Palli Biddut office. The task was very disturbing and boring. Because there was always long chain of people waiting for Palli Biddut Bill payment.

But now it is completely easy. You need not to go anywhere for completing payment. You can pay only with monthly bill by using your Bkash. It is known as online bill payment through Bkash.

They are two options available for completing this task.

1. By Dialing SSSD Code

2. By Using Bkash App

Palli Bidyut Bill Check Online

Have you ever think that you can check your monthly bill of Palli Bidyut from online? If you have then you are brilliant enough. Because it is is the smartest way of checking your monthly Palli bidyut bill.

You can check your bill from online by using two platform. Firstly you can get it by Palli vidyut official website. The second is using Bkash Service.

Now we are going to discuss about it in details so that you can easily learn it.

From Palli Bidyut Website:

Palli vidyut website is the standard place for checking your monthly bill. In order to do that you need to visit this website by using your internet browser. To visit the website click on this link.

Then you need to navigate bill statement. Then you will be asked to provide your billing account number in a blank space. And finally hit on Show Bill button below the gap.

Within a few seconds your bill statement will be shown. That is the process of collecting your monthly billing statement of Palli Bidyut from online.

From Bkash:

From Bkash you can check your monthly payment in two methods. By dialling SSSD Code & using Bkash Android App. Details about this method given in below pictures.

Follow the step-by-step process described below in order to check your monthly Palli Bidyut bill.

1. By Dialling SSSD Code:

At first you need to dial *247#

Then Press 5 “Pay Bill”

Now press 1 “Electricity”

Then dial 1 “Palli Bidyut”

Now choose 1 to check your monthly bill amount.

Then you need to input your Billing account number.

Within 30 seconds monthly billing details will be shown on the screen.

2. By Using Bkash App:

At first open your Bkash app.

Navigate to Bill Pay menu.

Select Electricity.

Choose Palli Bidyut.

Select Check Monthly Bill Amount.

That’s the process of checking your Palli vidyut bill amount by using Bkash app through online.

Now we are going to discuss how to complete payment for monthly Palli Bidyut bill by Bkash.

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How to Pay Palli Bidyut Bill by Bkash

The process is very easy and simple. It is so easy that anyone can perform the task. We will show you the complete guideline of doing bill payment.

From Bkash, you can take two methods. That’s are via SSSD Code & Bkash App.

Method 1: Pay Bill by Bkash SSSD *247#

At first you need to dial Bkash code *247#.

Then type 5. It is bill payment menu.

Now you have to input 1 to declare electricity.

Then select Palli Bidyut from the menu.

Again select pay bill.

Now input your Palli vidyut account number.

Then type amount of money.

And finally input your Bkash password.

Then your pay bill will be completed.

Method 2: Pay Bill by Bkash App

It is so easy of completing payment by using Bkash application. We hope you have already installed Android application by Bkash.

At first open the app.

Click on bill payment menu.

Select electricity bill.

Then select Palli vidyut.

Input your Bill account number.

Then input amount of money.

Now input your Bkash password.

And finally press and hold on Complete Payment.

Bkash Palli Bidyut Bill Payment Charge

When first online Bkash payment launched in 2018 it was completely free for Palli vidyut bill payment. It was free because of promotional offer. And it was also noticed that bonus money is given to bikash account for full vidyut bill payment.

But now it is not free anymore. You have to pay a charge and it depends on the amount of money you pay.

Here we provide the complete list of Bkash charge for Palli vidyut bill payment.

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