Oyshee Pic, Biography, Age, Date of Birth, Phone Number of Singer Dr Oyshee

Oyshee Pic, Biography, Age, Date of Birth, Phone Number of Singer Dr Oyshee

One of the popular folk singers of today is Oyshee. Through the music of his voice through various songs, he can easily capture the hearts of the audience. So today we will present the picture and biography of this popular artist on our website for you. Those of you who want to know the detailed information of this artist or want to know his age and date of birth, I will tell you that you can know the exact information only by reading this post on our website. So let us try to know about this artist.

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Singer Oyshee Biography

Oyshee Pic, Biography, Age, Date of Birth, Phone Number of Singer Dr Oyshee
Oyshee Pic, Biography, Age, Date of Birth, Phone Number of Singer Dr Oyshee

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Through Song Bangla Music we got to know about her wide voice in Nizamuddin Auliya song and her every song is excellent. Those who like to listen to the songs of this popular singer, visit our website to know about the biography of the singer. Through this post we will try to provide you his date of birth and biography. Also I will tell those of you who are in love with the voice of this singer and have come to download her pictures that you can download beautiful pictures of this singer from our website.


Although everyone knows her as Aishee, her real name is Fatima Tuz Zahra. He is a popular music artist of the present time and through Song Bangla his familiarity is more widely exposed to everyone. Moreover, everyone has recognized him separately as he has combined his voice with various popular artists in various songs and everyone has understood the glory of his voice. But for those of you who want to know about her work, she became popular with everyone through Oyshee Express and “Dehbaaji” album and everyone knows her by one name now.

Singer Oyshee Age

Moreover, she won the National Film Award for Best Female Vocal Artist in 2020 for the song Maya, and with that, she is now loved by everyone in China and her songs. This popular music artist goes to various concerts and wows the audience. In practical terms, he is a good-hearted person and a friend of like-mindedness. When he talks to a stranger it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to a huge celebrity.

However, he is very elegant in speech and has an air of innocence in his speech. She is currently doing various types of music and among these songs, Draupadi, Pop and Palli songs are the most popular. He sings the modern songs so beautifully that it touches the heart of every listener. From 2014 to present time, she has won over everyone with her singing voice.

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However, for those of you who want to know more detailed information about this musician, I will tell you that her various pictures have been provided on our website and if you want to know more detailed information about Fatima Tuz Jahara Oyshee, then continue reading the information given below.

This popular singer is a doctor in real life. He loves his medical profession as much as he loves music. Passed SSC exam in 2013 and HSC exam in 2015 and later got admission in MBBS first year through medical admission. In real life he is a doctor and many feel comfortable with his medical use. He has collaborated with many renowned artistes of the country and due to his collaboration, various songs have become inimitable nowadays. His music practice started in Rangpur from 2002 and it has not stopped till now and it will continue in the future.

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Many of you may have been impressed by the songs of this popular singer and wanted to know about the date of birth of this popular singer. But we are not yet aware of this in detail so we cannot inform you about it and later if we get to know about it then we will certainly update this post to inform you about that information. If you want to know about his age, I would say that roughly he is now 25 to 26 years old. We have worked out this age depending on his SSC exam and medical admission.

To those who have been mesmerized by the music of this popular singer and are eager to talk to him, you may have come to collect his phone number from our website. We are unable to provide the popular singer’s phone number as we have not been able to collect it and will never share it as it is their personal matter. But if someone wants to meet him in a meeting, then he can try to go and meet him directly and in this case you have to do it at your own risk.

Hope you got to know about Oyshee, a folk singer of our time through this post. But I will say to those of you who love to listen to the songs of this popular singer that your taste is very good and if a person understands the meaning of his songs then he can understand the greatness of those songs.

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