Online Porcha Check BD

Online Porcha Check BD

Would you like to know the rules for checking leaflets online from home? Then you can check the publicity online using the internet connection at home and verify the name of the publicity owner and the owner of the land. In the past, it was seen that a person would not register his name even after purchasing it, and in this case, the land remained in the name of the last person in whose name it was registered.

But according to the current rules, if you buy a piece of land, you have to register it and you have to make a record in your name in the government register. No matter how much you have registered, you have to register, otherwise your land will remain in the name of the previous owner. So in the last case, I am going to discuss today about the rules for issuing leaflets or issuing ledgers to check whether the land is registered in the name of the person from whom you want to buy land and whether the land is registered in his name.

If you think that you are going to buy a piece of land, then you must check the pamphlet and by checking the pamphlet, check whether it is the owner of the land and whether the owner is giving you correct information for this. When you go to buy a piece of land, you should ask the owner of the pamphlet to collect the loss number from him to verify it and ask for more information about his ledger.

Online E Porcha Check

Moreover, when you talk to him about land, you can easily understand it by looking at those numbers and checking them online very quickly and you will be sure to check them in a very short time as it does not take much time to verify them. And discuss other information related to mg. However, the official website that you will follow to check the pamphlet online or the official website that you will enter is

By entering this official website, when you enter the Citizen Corner, you have to find the option called Khatian. If you click on the RS ledger to check the pamphlet, it will put you ahead to see if it is reading and through this you can check the pamphlet or check the ledger. However, in the room that will be open in front of you for checking the leaflets, you will start from the department and provide the address information and at the end you will provide the mouza.

Then to check the ledger you will click on the ledger option and go down and enter the ledger number and fill in the captcha and search. Then other information of the father and the owner of the land including the owner of the land and the amount of that land will be displayed there. I hope you understand how to check the pamphlet online and find out the details of the real owner of the land.

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