Online Khatian Check khatian-search-panel

Online Khatian Check khatian-search-panel

Now that all the work related to land is being done online and you can do it at home, you can learn the rules of checking the ledger online from our website today. If you want to buy land from a stranger then before buying that land you must collect information and by looking at this information you need to know who is the real owner of the land and whether you are going to buy land from the land owner.

In the past people used to sell land at different prices by falsifying the land and later when you accepted it there would be various problems. But now when you find out who is the real owner of the land through RS khatian or khatian number it will be convenient for you. That is when you get to know the right owner of the land.

However, the process of checking the ledger online is very simple and if you follow this procedure, you will not have to go to the office of your upazila or land ministry. From the person from whom you will buy the land or from whom you will collect the information about the land, you can get his ledger number in a very nice way. If you want to buy land from him and he is interested in selling the land to you then he can give you the ledger.

And if the khatian does not give the number, then you will understand that there is any adulteration and in this case I will forbid you to proceed in this regard. However, when you come to check the online ledger, find out the exact rules for checking the online ledger from this link given on our website. To check the online ledger you need to enter the official website of the Ministry of Land of the Government of Bangladesh through this link

With this link, when you enter the Citizen Corner, you will be presented with an option called Khatian. If you get different types of ledger options from this ledger then go to RS ledger and after clicking there you will see some empty cells in front of you. In the first cell you follow the rules of the website and give the name of the department and then the name of the district and upazila.

Now you have to mention the name of the mouza and collect the name of the mouza from the person from whom you have collected the khatian number. Now that you want to check the ledger information by following the next step, click on the ledger option and enter the ledger number below. By filling in the captcha code below and clicking on the search option, you can go to the next page and see the owner of the land and the amount of land with the dag number of that land.

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