Online Chalan Verification

Online Chalan Verification

You can learn how to verify the invoice through online from this post today. Those of you who have paid the challan to the bank and want to know about the correct information of this challan can do online challan verification only by following the rules shown on our website. At present various online services are being provided to us to bring transparency in every work and not to cause any kind of corruption.

CGA or Office of the Controller General of Accounts is providing you this facility through their given website. Today I will tell you how to do online challan verification and if you are really interested to know about it then read the post provided by our website. For you, the process of online challan verification and where to go to do it has been informed with the link.

Due to busy life we ​​may sometimes pay invoices through someone else. Moreover, if you think that the amount of this invoice has been deposited in the bank and accepted by the bank, then you have the opportunity to verify it at home. As all this money goes to the office of the Auditor General and Controller, their official website is providing you with such facilities. Help you with information when you want to do online challan verification.

Usually, if you have paid this money through a person or through an official of the organization, then you may believe when he gives you the invoice receipt. But you are given the opportunity to check the invoice on the basis of providing run number and other information through the website to know the correct information about the correctness of the invoice.

We think that nowadays everyone has the convenience of a device called an Android handset or a computer so they can be easily searched through the internet. If you know the rules of online invoice verification from here, you will do very well and it will be easy for you to do important tasks.

When you visit the official website of CGA or want to get the official website link to check the challan then I will tell you that this link is given below. We are here for you for online challan verification I will tell you to go to this website

That is, by copying this link, you can enter the official website as well as if you want to search by writing bank challan verification, then you can do that too. After providing these details you will be asked to input the details when you can go to the official website page to check the invoice.

So, for online challan verification, first of all give the date of challan provided there. After that you have to go down and select the bank by selecting the option through which you have paid the invoice. Then you have to select which district of Bangladesh and which branch office you have paid money and mention the challan number below.

After providing the challan number, when you click on the verify option, you will get detailed information about whether the challan has been paid and how much money has been paid. Hope that through this post you have been able to know the detailed information about online challan verification.

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