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There is good news for students studying at the National University. They will be able to get vaccinated against the global pandemic coronavirus. This opportunity is being provided by their national university. This information has been informed to every student through the publication of a notification from the National University today, 9th July.

This post is very important for you if you are a student of a national university. We will provide a link to the corona virus vaccine on our website. You can enter the link at your own risk and get vaccinated against the virus. Since the time is bad now, it is very useful for us to take this vaccine to protect our own health.

http://103 .113.200.29/student covidinfo/

Many students have not been able to get the Coronavirus vaccine for a long time. Because the availability of vaccines was low. But now that there are enough vaccines in Bangladesh, all the students studying under the National University can get this vaccine. If you have been a National University honours first year to a Masters final year student, this vaccine will be useful for you.

Many may be under the misconception that the vaccine will do more harm than good. But according to reliable sources and various experts in Dhaka, it has been proven that those who get the Karna virus vaccine have a much lower risk of being infected and dying. So you can register at home by entering the National University link online. And get vaccinated at your nearest vaccination center.

NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration 2021 Website Link

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This is a landmark initiative of the National University. Through this program, many students of the National University will be spared health risks. National University students should also take advantage of this opportunity. Since registration has to be completed within 3 days, you will not accept procrastination.

You have to register within the stipulated time. Those who can’t find the link to register will only need to enter the link below our website. Moreover, what to do after entering the link will be discussed in detail.

You will enter the link to the National University Corona Virus Vaccine. Once you enter there, you will be given the registration number for the current year. The registration number will be correct. Once provided, you will go to the next page. When you go there, you will give your name, that is, the name given in the certificate.

Then give your father’s name and used phone number. Earlier you mentioned by what means you have received the corona virus vaccine. Then specify where you are currently located. Your registration will be completed only if you fill in all the above mentioned information correctly.

Online Application Process of National University Covid-19 Vaccine

We have already discussed the guidelines on how to apply online. I hope you will understand the whole process by reading it carefully.

Website Link

Even then if you face any problem while applying then you have to complete the application as shown in the picture. Contact us if you have any problems and we will try to help you.

Apply Now

NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration 2021 Link

However, once the information filled in there is submitted, there is no chance to change it. Each of his students should provide all the information in a very beautiful and accurate way.

If you follow the above mentioned guidelines, you will be registered for the Karna virus vaccine. So as a conscious student and as a conscious citizen of the country, you should get vaccinated against this corona virus. If we get this vaccine, we will be as healthy as ourselves and all the people around us. So in the interest of the country and with everyone we will take this vaccine very nicely.

We will try to get this vaccine through online registration today without any hesitation. However, if there is a lot of jam on the server, you may fail again and again. That’s why you have to try. All in all, I wish you success in getting the coronavirus vaccine.

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