Educational News NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration 2021 Link

The government has decided to vaccinate all the students of the national university against the corona virus. Therefore, online registration has started. Those of you who are studying at the National University can apply by entering this link.

The application has already started. That’s why everyone is searching for the link of the website on the internet. Those of you who are not able to access the link of that website can browse the desired link from our website.

http://103 .113.200.29/student covidinfo/

You know, all kinds of educational institutions have been closed in the country for a year and a half. Education is the backbone of the nation. But due to this stagnation, the students have lagged far behind. It has been decided to vaccinate the students of the National University so that they can continue their regular educational activities.

Vaccination activities will start in a few days. Gradually everyone will be brought under this. Those of you who want to apply should visit now by clicking on the link given below.

NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration 2021 Website Link

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Online Application Process of National University Covid-19 Vaccine

We have already discussed the guidelines on how to apply online. I hope you will understand the whole process by reading it carefully.

Website Link

Even then if you face any problem while applying then you have to complete the application as shown in the picture. Contact us if you have any problems and we will try to help you.

Apply Now

NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration 2021 Link

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