Nikosh Converter 1.1 Download (Bijoy to Avro Font) Convert Now

Nikosh font is one of the most popular Bangla font for official use in Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh are used to type using bijoy keyboard from the very beginning of Bangla typing. Now there is opportunity for converting all those documents written using bijoy keyboard into avro font.

Are you looking for Nikosh converter 1.1? Then read this article to download the application for your Windows computer. By reading this article you will get the download link of the converter. We will also instruct how to use the application. So let’s get started.

Nikosh Converter 1.1

This converter was released first in 2011. From then it becomes very popular among the computer operator in various offices. Because they can easily convert their documents written using Bijoy font to Avro.

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This is the very first version of nikosh converter. With the original application package you can get font converter and nikosh Bangla font. And you have to manage licence from the developer of the application.

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How to Download Nikosh Converter

It is very easy of downloading Nikosh converter. You can collect the application from various sources. This application is available in official websites of Bangladesh government. Moreover you can also download from our website for free.

Now we are going to provide step by step process of downloading the nikosh converter.

At first visit our website my tech offer.

Then click on font menu from the menu bar.

Now look for Nikosh converter download version 1.1.

Click on download button and save it on your computer.

Now you need to install the application in proper way.

We hope you have successfully installed the nikosh converter. Now we are going to discuss some common problem encountered while using the application.

Nikosh Converter 11 Free Download for Windows 7

Windows 7 is sweetable version for nikosh converter. You can easily use the application on Windows 7. Majority of computer is still using Windows 7 in Bangladesh. Because it is very fast and easy to operate.

We have already discussed how to download nikosh converter 1.1 for Windows computer. Apply the process described earlier for Windows 7.

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Bijoy to Unicode Converter Software Free Download

With Nikosh converter you can easily convert your bijoy font to Unicode. This converter is very fast and reliable source for converting Bangla font. Download bijoy to Unicode converter software free for your Windows computer. This converter will work for any version of Windows from 7 to 10.

Nikosh Converter Has Stopped Working

This is the very common problem. It usually occurs in Windows computer. All computers using this application may something face the same problem. And the solution is very easy.

You can solve the problem by yourself using some tips and tricks.

At first you need to find out what is the problem behind this.

Some common causes of the problem is;

You may be using outdated Windows version.

Or, the application is outdated.

Solution of the Problem:

The problem has some possible solution. You should install the latest version of the Nikosh converter app. All you can try using latest version of Windows operating system. We suggest you to use Windows 7, 8 or 10 in order to get the best result.

Nikosh Converter 1.1 Election Commission

Nikosh converter is used in election commission office all over Bangladesh. All the office mandatorily have to use this convert her.

In order to national ID card correction you must type in nikesh font. So this is the mostly used font in election commission office.

But many of the officers don’t have the standard version of Nikosh converter. In order to convert another font into nikosh, they must install Nikosh converter 1.1.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Here we will some frequently asked questions related to Nikosh sconverter.

Question: Nikosh converter 1.1 Kivabe Download Korbo?

Answer: Nikosh converter can be easily downloaded from our website.

Question: Nikosh Bangla Converter Kivabe use korbo?

Answer: Just download and follow our instructions in order to convert your documents bijoy to avro using nikosh Bangla converter.

Download Nikosh Banan Nirikkhak

Download Nikosh Banan Nirikkhak

Convert Old Bangla to Nikosh

There are some popular Bangla font. But those font are not supported anymore for official work in Bangladesh. Now is the only official font for using official purposes.

Document written using old Bangla font can be converted to Nikosh. There is a tools name Nikosh converter 1.1 for converting any Bangla font. Download the software from our website and enjoy unlimited converting to Bangla old font to Nikosh.

Nikosh Converter Installer Download Now

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