Notice মুক্তিযোদ্ধাদের তথ্য যাচাই মুক্তিযোদ্ধাদের তথ্য যাচাই

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has established a website to unite freedom fighters across the country through an official website of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. By looking at the title above you can understand that it is a website about liberation war and here you can search for freedom fighters and get the list and get other detailed information.

So today I will try to explain to you what progress has been made through this website besides discussing the activities of this website. Those of you who want to know the list of freedom fighters or want to check if any of your family member’s name is in the list of freedom fighters must follow this post. Below is a detailed idea about this website.

Our country got an independent country due to the special contribution of freedom fighters and their sacrifices during the transitional period. If we want to measure the contribution of freedom fighters in terms of money, it will never be possible. We always pay tribute to those who fought against the Pakistani occupation forces in the critical situation of the country and risked their lives to liberate our country.

If these freedom fighters had not contributed so much to our country, then we might not have got the present independent country. So a website has been created to include all the freedom fighters from all over the country in a specific list and to give special notices to them as you can understand from the above title.

Freedom fighters are now very old and they are valuable people of our country. Due to the war of liberation, many of them have deviated from their families and many have left their families abroad. For their special contribution they get various facilities regularly and their families get pension every month.

Hence, the accounts which are kept or the facilities which are designed to provide these facilities to them are updated here. The main point is that these websites about the Liberation War will provide you with various types of notices and from these notices you will be able to know various types of information.

If you are working under the Ministry of Liberation War or want to get the detailed information here or update every information then you can connect to the website. This website will give you every notice regularly and the notices mention the official activities as well as the benefits provided to the freedom fighters or the notifications issued regarding them.

Moreover, this website will provide you accurate information to search for brave freedom fighters. Here is more detailed information of great freedom fighters. So you can visit this website to find list of freedom fighters along with official activities and you can get many unknown information about liberation war from this website.

Currently, ministry wise or directorate wise website is being established to update every information and bring every subject digitally. Such government websites are providing us special support so that a common man can get all kinds of facilities online at home. So you can visit the official website of Ministry of Liberation War and collect various information related to Liberation War.

Just as you will get upazila wise draft list, you can collect many important information from here. So I am ending today’s post here by offering love and paying tribute to the great freedom fighters. You can visit this website for any information about Liberation War and collect any information.

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