mis totthoapa.gov.bd তথ্য আপা

mis totthoapa.gov.bd তথ্য আপা

A large part of our country’s population is women. But women are far behind in terms of information due to various difficulties. An official website called Information Drawing has been developed to empower women information where many important information is provided in the form of images. If you want to know information about your website then follow this question of our website and get the information from here. Information mis.totthoapa. gov.bd website has such information and today I will tell you how to increase informational empowerment of women.


So to know information about your website read this post of our website today and you will know the detailed information only after reading at the end. In today’s age of information and communication technology, we need to be updated on everything. And in this case the information apa website will provide special support to women.

Along with various fundamental rights, right to information has emerged as an important right nowadays. At present, with the aim of building digital Bangladesh, every issue is now being promoted through online and work is being done to provide services to people through online. So a project called Info Apa Project was launched which is a project of information empowerment of a woman through information and communication technology.

However, the project called Information Apa, which has been launched, is being managed under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs of Bangladesh. It is also being considered as a special initiative to ensure all kinds of facilities are provided to women.

We know that half of the population of Bangladesh are women and if this large part of them can be properly utilized then the development of our country will be possible very soon. If these half of the population of the country are provided with various services to play a conscious role in information or any other aspect, then they can arrange their own employment.

Moreover, if they can use the benefits of information and communication technology, their life will become easier and more beautiful than before. And this is the main objective of the Information Apa project.

Those of you who join the Data Apa project will get a variety of facilities including data storage and IPTV. In the information repository you will find various types of information that play a very important role in the daily life of women. Even if a woman does not have direct experience of working outside, she can learn the information through the Information Apa project in the field of agriculture or health and thus it will be convenient for her to do various tasks in her daily life.

Also, a woman can easily access the various sectors of the Information Apa project to get information on education or gender related or legal assistance. If a woman dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, then this information will tell you what it takes to become an entrepreneur or what kind of qualities you can have to become a successful entrepreneur.

Moreover, with the type of TV called IP TV, you can watch various information through video. Here are a variety of inspirational stories or video characters that will make a woman do her best to make her inner desire come true. So it is important for a woman to stay ahead of the information and stay updated on every topic in the current Bangladeshi context. By doing this, you can play a holistic role in the development of everyone around you or the country while improving yourself.

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