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Those of you who want to apply online for various types of allowances should apply by following the rules shown in 2023. This information will be provided to you today on our website so that you can apply for Disability Allowance or Old Age Allowance or Widow’s Allowance by following very simple rules. All the rules that you have to follow while applying or all the websites that you have to enter and do the tasks are given in the above title.

Once you enter there and click on the online application option, your application can be started. For example, here we will tell you how to apply for Old Age Allowance. But this application is not always possible and you have to apply according to that card when the card comes at certain times of the year. So, when you enter the above mentioned website, you must fill in the information that is marked with a red star and follow the next steps.

In this case, you first select your activity and specify the type of allowance you wish to apply for. Then you have to provide your National Identity Card number and date of birth correctly and click on verify option there. By following your voter id card information it will tell you whether you are eligible for the allowance or you are of sufficient age and if it is accepted then go to the next page and enter your name in Bengali and English.

Then write your head and father’s name in English as per National Identity Card. Now you need to select the gender and state which religion you follow. You don’t have to upload the photo as per the rules of the website and the photo will be uploaded there automatically as you have provided the National Identity Card information. Next you need to mention your marital status and number of family members.

Select the amount of money you earn in a year in the Annual Income box and specify the amount of land you own. Apart from this, mention your current educational qualifications and what kind of profession you are involved in as a profession. If there is a physical disability to work then proceed to the next step mentioning those factors.

After that you have to provide the address information of your locality and after providing all the information correctly your application form will be generated and you will be notified to print it. Print it by clicking on print option. After receiving the signatures of the chairman and the commissioner, you will submit the application form along with the photocopy and photo of the national identity card to the Upazila Social Services Directorate.

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