Messenger Download Korbo Kivabe – Messenger APK App 2023

Messenger is a means of personal communication. This app is an app of Facebook. You can use this app to communicate with your Facebook friends. SMS can be sent and received to a friend at a very fast speed through messenger. It takes less than a second to send or receive an SMS to a friend.

Those of you who have opened a Facebook account and have many friends connected to your Facebook account can download the Messenger app to send SMS in person. Learn how to download Messenger through this post today. Those who can download and use Messenger on their own can skip this post. So let’s go down and find out how to download Messenger.

At present we are very familiar with the word Facebook. The main reason for this is that many people and relatives around us use Facebook. We can easily see many viral videos and amazing videos on Facebook. So maybe many friends have been added to this account for the convenience of opening a Facebook account. Moreover, many people open a Facebook account to communicate with relatives in the neighborhood.

In that case, Facebook is not only a means of entertainment but also a great means of communication. It would be great if we could install Messenger apps to communicate with our Facebook friends. Because through Messenger we can send SMS to our Facebook friends very easily and show different reactions through emojis. That’s why we will learn today how to download Messenger apps.

To download Messenger apps, log in to the Play Store app already on your phone. If you look at the top, you will find the search bar. In that empty cell you will search by typing messenger in English. Searching will show you a lot of results and click on the apps that match the name of your church.

However, the way to recognize the real messenger apps is that these apps have a rating of 4.0 and the size of the app is like 40 MB. Then you can easily download by looking at the rating and the size of the app.

Once the app is downloaded, log in to this app and enter the ID and password of your Facebook account. If you can enter the ID-password correctly, you will be able to login to Messenger apps. So the prerequisite for downloading Messenger apps is to open a Facebook account.

Then you can connect with your Facebook friends and do messaging all day long through Messenger apps. You will also get options like audio and video calling, picture sharing, my day sharing, room making and group creation. Make it easy for everyone to use the messenger app.

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